Kurviger-Tourer: bug in function: changing direction of a route

when i’m planning a route with somes sections over a highway with separated lanes and want to revert the route, i get some weired results, because the waypoints on the highway don’t change to the the lane with reverse direction.
is this a bug or just a unimplemented feature?
any idea for a workaround? (except checking and changing all points by hand)


Please provide the route link, so that others can examine the report.

Indeed, Kurviger does not change waypoints by its own.
Highway with separated lanes is treated as oneway.

“reverse route” does not work if any waypoint is placed on a oneway road.
Instead of placing multiple waypoints on the highway, you can change the curvniess for that route-segment.
e.g. “fastest” only between WP1 and WP2; the rest of the route “extra curvy”
original with no WP on highway


thanks for your answer,
thats what i’ve found out too.

Think i can live with that problem,
it confirms again, that highways are not the appropriate environment for motorbikes. :wink: