Kurviger refuses to route through gate with access=yes

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger
[EN] I read the corresponding [documentation]
[EN] Here is a url to a short example (<10km) that shows the issue:

[EN] Description of the issue and how it should work instead:
The route should go directly as it does when routed on OSM: OpenStreetMap

What else can I look at to make sure this routing is allowed in Kurviger?

Thank you.

Your edit is just 15h ago. Wait until Kurviger updates its database.

You can check the date of the routing table in the menu. Date is than displayed at the bottom.

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Thank you! I didn’t know I can check the time. I’ll wait and see if it updates.
However, the only change I made was add the specific tags (foot, motor vehicle, etc.); the “Allow Access: All” was already set to yes, that’s why I posted.
I will wait a few days and hopefully it’ll change.

Thank you!

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If in the middle of planning and not able to wait few days I in such case take the new “beeline”-function and can go on with my route …

In parallel, I can correct the OSM data and check the action a few days later.


Thanks! I didn’t know that existed, but I think it’s only for “Tourer” level sub. I have the “Pro” and don’t see that option anywhere in the interface.

No, it wasn’t. :wink:
The display in OSM-editor is a bit misleading here.
If nothing is set, it shows “yes”, which is true for public roads as “yes” is the default here.
But not for barriers like gates. There access must be explicitly set, otherwise Kurviger won’t route.

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Aha! Thank you so much! learned something new. We have lots of these here, so definitely good to know!

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Unfortunately, I don’t know if your “Pro” refers to Kurviger Pro (version 1.x) or Kurviger (version 2.x) with subscription.

You can see what is possible with the different versions in the features comparison. May help you in some situations.

DE: http://localhost:8800/doku.php?id=de:features2
EN: http://localhost:8800/doku.php?id=features2

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I have the Kurviger Pro android app version that was purchased with a one-time payment, but without the subscription. And since I don’t see a “beeline” option when building routes, I am guessing that option requires a sub.

The straight line route profile with many other new features
is available in Kurviger 2 with a subscription:

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There you are right (as you can see in the linked Features comparison).

:bulb: Kurviger Pro 1.x and Kurviger 2.x (pro with subscription) can coexist on the same device without interference.
Subscription is free for the first week.


Android 12 introduces some difficulties:

Thanks for the hint. Is added in the Features comparison now.