Kurviger pro Not available in playstore

Got a new mobile and there s no Pro Version available in the playstore. Only the Base Version.
Amy Idea how to reinstall kurviger pro?

Not quite Sure when I purchased the App. When was pro 2 implemented? Or did both Versions exist in parallel?

Perfect, found it and it looks like everything works as usual. Thanks for your help!!

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“Kurviger 2” is only available as subscription.

  • install “Kurviger (base version)” from the play store
  • then (inside the app) subscribe for pro features. ~10€/year

Technically “Kurviger1” and “Kurviger2” are separate apps, so you could have installed both.
Kurviger2 is the successor of Kurviger1 Pro and was released this year.

See also: Change of Smartphones - Kurviger Pro 1.14

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