Kurviger Pro data (.GPX and .kurviger)


I am quite worried about Kurviger Pro app …

In fact, i couldn’t import a GPX file from the internet (from my Huawei Mate20Pro …) ; so i decided to uninstall the app.

Unfortunately, i’ve lost all my Kurviger Pro datas from my Android Huawei phone …

How could i get them back ?? I thought the file linked to the app wouldn’t be erased :frowning:

Thanks a lot for your answer and help.



There are several ways to transfer a route within Kurviger, see also the documentation.
What did you try to do?

What data do you mean?

When uninstall apps, Android clears also their internal app data.

You can export routes + bookmarks to a selected external folder.
(select it in “Settings | Application | Export folder”)

So question is: Did you, @Nonodrivr?
Then you should be able to find the exported = stored Kurviger routes and bookmarks.