Kurviger pro android updating

Hi I see various updates on the web app.
But my android pro version never gets updated.
should I do this manually or does the paid pro app not have updates?

Application is updated regularly when new features are available (see the detailed changelog).

Can see Google Play Help about the updates of Android applications (automatic or manual).

Latest app release was announced here:

Latest beta was announced (with instructions) here:

Could you attach a Screenshot of what you mean please, do you have some kind of error message or ist the button not clickable? I can’t quite visualize your problem, sorry :sweat_smile:

I juist want to know, does the android pro app automatic update if there is a new version or not?
regards bert

Like mentioned above, Android settings in the device define if applications update automatically.

So need to check device Android settings. More details for the process exist in Google Play Help.

Hallo Bert, ja die App bekommt automatisch ein Update. Zur Kontrolle schau mal bitte im Play Store > Einstellungen was bei Dir unter “Bevorzugte Downloadvariante für Apps” und bei “Automatische App–Updates” steht.

Hello Bert, yes the app gets an update automatically. To check this, please check the Play Store > Settings to see what you can find under “Preferred download variant for apps” and “Automatic app updates”.