Kurviger "prioritizes" toll over ferry

Kurviger seems to “know” that this crossing is a ferry and also a toll (the German Wiki for this tag even mentions that setting “toll” on a ferry is desirable, the English wiki doesn’t, and to be honest, I personally don’t know if I like this) because when you set an avoidance for ferries, it will avoid the crossing, nice.

But the UI doesn’t show the ferry crossing, neither in the sidebar or the road types

what do you all think? Is this a behaviour we want? Is having to pay a toll the more important thing to show for us than having to cross a river with a ferry (imagine you’re much further zoomed out, which info is more important to have at a quick glance)?
And to the dev: Would it be possible to show both things next to each other?

Both is currently not possible, maybe in the future :slight_smile:

In general, it would be possible to prioritise the ferry information over the toll information, if that is the desired behaviour.

I think the relevant information is “ferry” - because everybody knows that using a ferry always cost money (therefore toll), so that’s not the critical thing.
I prefer “ferry”


yeah I would lean towards prioritizing “ferry” as well, but both next to each other (or at least both discernible in some way anywhere in the UI) would be best I think

Except for the exceptions :wink:

Gent.kurviger (2.8 KB)