Kurviger -> garmin export [bluetooth]


I just discovered a problem in sending a route from the kurviger app to my garmin zumo 396 via bluetooth.

What I tried is to use the share->route feature of kurviger. It offers a choice of using the garmin ‘Smartphone link’ app to send a GPX file to the zumo. As soon I try to use this app from kurviger, however, it will instantly crash the garmin app (not kurviger) and nothing happens. If, instead, I chose to export the GPX file first and then use the garmin app via the filemanager of my phone, all works Ok and the route will then appear in the zumo proper.

To conclude, the bluetooth link between phone and zumo works nicely via the filemanager but fails when used from kurviger directly.

is this a known problem?

Thanks and Happy Easter.

This shares the Kurviger url and can be useful for messages, mails, etc.
(the shared url is seen in Android share dialog)

3rd-party devices usually know how to parse GPX files.
So better export / transfer compatible route file formats.

I see. So this is more about a feature request than a bug report then :wink:

Can the share functionality be changed/extended somehow such that when the garmin 'Smartphone link’ app is selected as a target it sends GPX data rather than a link? The format of the GPX data should be the same as what you get when exporting the route as ‘Garmin ShapingPoint GPX’.

Is that doable ??

Or - alternatively - add a separate ‘send to garmin’ menu point next to the export. This could first create a temp file and then use the ‘garmin Smartphone link’ app to send the temp file over to the zumo. Something like this.


Quick check, Garmin smartphone link answer with error.

I absolutely agree in that it would be better for the smartphone link app to display a proper error message instead of just crashing.

As devemux writes, however, the problem is that kurviger sends unexpected data (URL vs GPX data).


It sends the designed data (i.e. route url) for the compatible applications:

To communicate with third party devices, you should use the proper process:

You can read more details in the documentation.