Kurviger Free and Pro?

In my opinion the Kurviger app is one of best solutions for motorcycle navigation you can have at this moment.

But every time I take look at the download numbers of the Pro version I think: man, that really should be more! This app simply deserves it!

Maybe one of the reasons is that you can’t really test navigation functions in the free version. You can only plan and edit routes - but that’s simply not enough to get a real insight into Kurviger’s capabilities. And although Pro version is far away from being expensive I’m afraid that a lot of poeple aren’t willing to give it a chance without being able to test all the key features before. And navigation is of course THE most important feature of a navigation app.

So my advice would be: give interested people more and offer navigation functions in the free version.

In a limited way so that navigation only can be started for routes which are shorter than 50km (and maybe only with online maps). This would be enough to give the app a real test.

I’m pretty sure that would help to increase the amount of Pro users. Particularly because potential buyers would get a good and effective chance to compare Kurviger’s functionality with other apps.


Thanks for the kind words!

Actually it’s in the plan, I could probably see it after offline routing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the kind words.

It should be noted that there is an option to try the pro version.

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From a technical point of view: yes. But this way it’s not very user friendly and effective (only the first 2 hours available for testing).

In my opinion a refunding solution somehow differs from a regular way to grant enough time to test the functionality. A lot of users simply aren’t willing to pay money before they’re confident of an apps features. Even if a refund is possible.

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Google Play offers free trials for in-app subscriptions, which could be useful in the future, if we offer the Pro features in Free app via a paid model.

Are you planning a subscription model?

I mentioned what Google Play supports for free trials.

Ah, I see. Ye, this could be a good way offer the app.

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I couldn’t agree more. It truly is fantastic app, and I promote the hell out of it on the “Chiang Mai Motorcycle Riders” Facebook group that I admin. In fact we have a Google Doc (now about 6 pages long) with all of our routes for Northern Thailand described and Kurviger links shared - and folks love it. Pop into the group and take a look - it would be cool for us to get a comment from the makers of Kurviger! :slight_smile:
BUT, please do something to make it more accessible for new people. All too often I actually have to meet people and help them do the initial Kurviger setup, believe it or not. A prime example is the downloading of the offline map - the screens that you have to go through to get to a map of Thailand are far from user-friendly. It doesn’t bother me, but it turns lots of people off - they just can’t do it!
Please, hand a phone to a normal “tech crappy” person and ask them to set it up - see what happens!
Not moaning, just telling you the main problem that I see. Full respect on a fantastic app. Thank you. Just make it newbie friendly (and make map creating mobile friendly) and you will be very (deservedly) rich :slight_smile:


I agree with that. I think some people simply aren’t fit (or interested) enough to fiddel around with downloads and finding/choosing the right folders to save and open maps. They just want to use an app without being forced to understand the technical backgrounds. So I think for some of them the lack of an easy map download mechanism could be a “door closer”.

Would it be possible to integrate a standard list for some of the most important countries/maps for an easier access? This list could internally be linked to the according map files of the same source from where we’re downloading them them until now. And all downloaded files could be saved into a Kurviger app folder (because of Android’s access rights) and all files in this folder could automatically be opened for use. Additionally there could be “check updates” button in the map menu which could be used to compare all downloaded map’s date with those at the source for an easy way to download updates if necessary.

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@SchlesiM describes nicely a map (download) management system to handle downloads, updates, etc. (do we have a feature topic for that?)

Actually it’s already in our todo list. Though we often prioritize features that can be offered faster or not exist at all (since maps work already in their own flexible way).

Also I’d put that after offline routing integration, being related to offline maps + graphs management.

Yes, I think this is a good plan and an appropriate priority.