Kurviger for Dummies

Folks I seem to be to stupid to use this wonderful tool properly.
I CAN create a route on my PC, generate a QCR which I transfer to my Android phone and the route pops up. So far so good.
But I am obviously simply too stupid to understand how to export and share.
When I export, the file goes to my download section, and I can copy it from there, but then?
The only method I found is to copy to whatsapp and share, and then open from the whatsapp file again.
But there must be a better method to plan and save routes in advance? I have read through all available instructions here but it did not help.

Also, Bluetooth transfer does not work: share by bluetooth finds a device, but the download shows as failed.

If I do not have my laptop with me, is there a method to plan the route on my mobile in the kurviger app?


Hi Johanna,

reading your post, I am not sure at wich point you’re struggling:

  1. do you want to share the route with your buddies or
  2. do you want to save the route for later usage?
  3. do you want to save the route on your computer or your mobile?

You mean using the website on your computer - right?
… than you can keep it and e.g. import it again at a later time.
See also Save route after creating

Of couse. See Planning Your First Route


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Well, that depends on a lot of factors, for instance what device are you sending to? In MY TomTom for example I have to open the “my routes” menu before it starts accepting Bluetooth transfers.

Sidenote: May I suggest for the future that you split all your requests up into several topics maybe? :slight_smile: that way we can discuss each one separately and then clear up all the details in lots of back and forth responses in the thread without mixing