Kurviger doesn't route through Jafferau tunnel

OSM routes directly, kurviger not. Seems not to be an issue of missing connections

From “Colletto Pramand” to “Forte Jafferau” OSM shows the direct way (even for cars), doesn’t work with kurviger

Would you mind to post a “kurviger link” here. The “share button” on the web site.
That would make it much easier for us to see your route.


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Thanks for the report. This would be an example route.

There are gates with unknown access properties, here and here. If Kurviger is not sure if a gate is passable, it will block. See our documentation here.

If you know these gates and know that they are accessible, you could tag them accordingly with for example access=true or motorcycle=true. Kurviger should allow to route through the Jafferau tunnel about 2 weeks later.

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