Kurviger doesn't route over the Ächerlipass (CH)

I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger

At first I thought “well duh, those two gates right where the markers are placed are probably to blame”. But I checked them and they’re both access:all if I see it correctly

… as is the road in between. It’s also not offroad or in any other way limited that I see in the OSM data.

And the extra weird part is, Kurviger does not even drive inside those gates, from house to house.

So that probably speaks to the road itself having a problem, right?

At least the first gate has no access tag. The OSM ID editor shows the access values above grayed out, that doesn’t mean that the tag is acutally set.


It doesn’t?!? Then why bother showing it at all! Damn wtf

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I recommend to actually look at the tags further down in the editor.

Please note, the iD editor is just one editor of several available editors for OSM data. There is an issue for this here.

I’ll drive this road in my upcoming holiday, I’ll report back here and fix the osm in about 4 weeks when I know for sure

Thanks :slight_smile:. It could be worthwhile to also add notes on OSM. Many locals will know the state of these gates and could simply enter the access values. You could also ask the editor that entered these gates :slight_smile:. This helps to spread awareness that access tags are important for some routers.

Drove this gem yesterday, what a beauty, super secluded, super narrow and twisty, almost no traffic, no tourist stuff at the top, just a small bench with a gorgeous view

Currently there’s a construction ongoing but that has nothing to do with the gates, the pass is - generally speaking - accessible.

Will edit OSM soon


Thanks for the update Patrick! The pass sounds lovely, I might have to visit it at some point as well :slight_smile:

Kurviger still doesn’t route here cause I had overlooked a gate in the middle -.-

Corrected now, should work in 1-2 weeks

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BTW: you can use this overpass query to find these gates easily:



hmmm cool, maybe we could even improve that query by filtering !access:destination and maybe some other things

Sure, please feel free to go ahead :slight_smile:. We can then change the query in the documentation.