Kurviger doesn’t work on Safari. What’s the problem?

No way to get access to kurviger.de
Any news to this issue?

Thanks for reporting this! Safari indeed seems to be incompatible with this new feature. Website: Improved Display of Conditionally Closed Roads

I will have a look how we can fix this or revert the new feature temporarily.

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bin neu hier… erstmal ein Hallo in die Runde.

Habe plötzlich das Problem, dass auf meinem Mac mit Safari Kurviger nicht mehr geöffnet wird. Sehe nur das Logo und den Text “Ladebildschirm verschwindet nicht”.
Habe keinen Adblocker im Einsatz. Dies Problem tritt gerade eben auf. Heute Vormittag lief alles noch normal. Mit Google Chrome öffnet die Website problemlos.
Hat jemand eine Idee, wie ich das Problem lösen kann?

Hello, I’m new in this forum.

Suddenly I got in trouble with the website Kurviger on my Mac with Safari. I only see the logo and the message “Stuck in loading screen”.
An Abblocker is not installed. This morning everything works perfect. With Google Chrome it works.
Restart program, restart Mac… Nothing helps.
Any Idea, to solve this issue?

Same issu on my side since yesterday afternoon
Let us know how to solve this issue

Same problem on my iPad

Hello together,

I have the same problem on all my iOS devices since yesterday…

I tried Safari, Edge and Chrome without adblocker (deinstalled).

Android works…

Hello, it’s the same for me, Kurviger no longer runs on all Safari IOS devices !!!

Sorry for the troubles, the issue should be resolved by now. It appears that there was a minor issue on Safari that resulted in the website not loading at all.

If this issues appears again, please let us know.


Thanks…, it’s running now

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