Kurviger does not route over Aldalsvegen pass in NOR

I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger

Here is a url to a short example that shows the issue:

I really can’t figure out why Kurviger isn’t taking that mountain pass. I have no restrictions active, and as far as I can see (I really looked :smiley: ) there is no gate or access restriction in OSM

There’s only a maxspeed, the type of road (tertiary) and the name of the roads set.
Is it because of that small river there? I’ve never seen Kurviger have problems with that, I would be very surprised if that 's the case

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Vielleicht mal noch 1-2 Tage warten…

The dates have been changed: Edited 11 days ago by ENTUR Johan Wiklund
Maybe wait another 1-2 days…


Wow what a timing coincidence. Yeah I’ll wait, thanks!

I just tried the routing on Kurviger and it works :partying_face: