Kurviger.de cannot find the short way

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger in Luxembourg.
[DE] Ich glaube ich habe einen Fehler bei der Routenberechnung von Kurviger gefunden in Luxemburg

[EN] I read the corresponding documentation
[DE] Ich habe die entsprechende Documentation dazu gelesen

[EN] Here is a url to a short example (<10km) that shows the issue:
[DE] Hier ist ein Link zu einer kurzen Route (<10km) die das Problem zeigt:
b1438646989.1400.gpx (708 Bytes)

[EN] Description of the issue and how it should work instead:
[DE] Beschreibung des Problems und wie es anstatt dessen funktionieren sollte:

It seems that the OSM Data is incorrect. I made 2 point route and kurviger.de does not find the obvious and Short way. Can you have a look? I never worked with OSM before.

A comment on OSM says:
Bridge closed for a long time.Bridge dameaged by Flood. (until 07/2019)



Thank you very much!
I will be there in September, so it might be not a problem. I will check again later.

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