Kurviger Cloud: Cannot connect to the Database

Hi Guys, first off all thanks a lot for doing all that stuff!

I tried to save some routes in folders that I created onlinbe after registration. So fra so good… but: after loggin off and log in next day, all routes and folders are lost. Even my profile changed to “default”… and I don’t drive a naked bike :wink:

Same on PC and Ipad - we have some discussion about that in the “Kurvenkönig-Form”. So if you could help with solutions - would be great. I even would transfer the informations to the KK-Forum.

Best regards, Michael

That sounds like you are using two different accounts? Make sure to use the same account. For example if you log in with your Google account on day 1 and then log in with your Facebook account on day 2, both accounts store different data.

If you used the same accounts both times, it would be very interesting if you could provide more information on how to reproduce this issue. Is it reproduceable on the Kurviger main website or only on the Kurvenkönig version? Is the data lost only over night or after closing the browser and opening it again?

I allways log in by email - same adress. Just tried, same issue at the main site as well as at the Kurvenkoenig site. Data seems to get lost directly after loggin off and closing the browser - nothing left after loggin in again.

Cheers, Michael

Have you tried a different browser or using incognito mode? Have you tried this on a different computer/device? What browser are you using?

Could you open the developer tools in your browser and see if there are any errors in the console?

Hi Robin,

Browser used: Firefox 73.01 and Opera (newest version) on PC, Safari on Ipad.

Right now tested with Firefox, tried to upload the console-export from the developers tool. But not allowed due to my new user status… and I’m not allowed to have more than 2 links in the text… so I can’t send the export file… just one of the hints:

Cannot get user document: FirebaseError: "Failed to get document because the client is offline."

Cheers, Michael

Ah, sorry for the troubles, you should be able to upload now.

This very likely indicates that something on your side is blocking the connection to our database.

This includes:

  • Browser plugins (noscript, adblock, etc.)
  • Security software installed on your computer
  • Something further up the chain, like router config, proxy, vpn, etc.

I did a quick check in our database, with the email-address you are using here in the forum, there is some data stored. It was created all at around the same time on 26.03 in the early evening. So a wild guess is that it worked that one time were you tried it on your Ipad, so it could be related to your computer, but this is just a wild guess.

What I can do on our side is to show an error message that makes it very clear that there is an issue with the connection.

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I will try again in the afternoon and if there is a report from the developers tools, I will upload the file.

Cheers, Michael

I have the same Problem.

Error Message: Failed to get document because the client is offline.

Only Solution for that? Tryed with IE and Chrome

Have you seen my answer above - Kurviger Cloud: Cannot connect to the Database?

If yes, what have you tried?