Kurviger can't find Omeo, Victoria, Australia

I need to correct OSM, but have no idea what the problem is.
Omeo, Victoria, Australia, (population 400) is showing on the OSM map, but Kurviger can’t find it.
Can anyone explain why that might be?

Works fine like that, just searching for Omeo, but if you try to route from Mitta Mitta to Omeo, all you get is Omeo Hwy suggestions.

It did actually find it (as a destination) when I put in" Omeo, Victoria, Australia" then hit the Search button.
Are there simply too many instances of “Omeo Highway” close to Mitta Mitta, that overwhelms Omeo the town?
But it didn’t actually find the town …

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That might be the reason. Have you tried switching to the alternative location lookup under advanced settings? This might provide better results in some cases.

The alternative location lookup worked better. The Omeo township moved to second in the list.
I’ll keep that in mind in the future.
Thanks for your help

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