Kurviger cannot open file from Total Commander

Today I installed Kurviger Pro on a new phone (plan to use it only as a nav device).
I cannot open (load) .kurviger files from (via) Total Commander app. If I try to load the same file from Kurviger app (Routing → Import) it is reachable an it loads.
My routes are stored on the SD card.
App is in internal memory.
Error message: “Kurviger Pro cannot import the
file. Please check if Kurviger Pro has permission to read file from its location.”
I cannot edit permissions to read SD card because there is no such one I the app preferences. See picture.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Android 8.0

On the old phone with Android 9 I can open files from file manager app.


Which Kurviger version: release or beta?

Each OEM and model handles device storage differently and specifically the SD card.

Kurviger Pro 1.14.11 (beta)
Android 8.0.0 (API 26)
samsung SM-G935F
1440 x 2560 (640 dpi)

@rumbrummer thanks a lot! :smiley: That walkaround works. :+1:

Kurviger does not need anymore the storage permission.
That is handled by Android’s storage access framework.

But it is not a problem for me to access the route file via total commander. I works just fine.
I cannot open them using it. When I do so I get Kurviger error message like this.

This is more like a Total Commander issue.

Please try with Google Files app which should work everywhere.

Or place your files in accessible locations:

Just tried and yes it works fine but… I hate the app. Can’t do many things that Total Commander do with ease. :disappointed_relieved:

I did that walkaround. It’s ok. But not ideal.

I also like to use 2-panel file managers. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, Android will make the new storage rules mandatory in the near future.
All apps have to adapt their code and workflow according to Android guidelines.
(also the file managers)

So you can feel my pain :wink:

OK I understand Android new rules but, why on newer phone Galaxy A8 (2018) and Android 9 and the same Kurviger version I can use Total Commander to open files in Kurviger ? And cannot do so on older phone with older Android?

If Google Files app works everywhere
or a file manager only works on certain versions of Android,
this is more like an issue of the specific file manager.

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OK understood :slight_smile:
Thanks for help.

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I have no issue at all with Total Commander + Kurviger and this on 2 different phones.

Lucky you :slight_smile:
Could you please let me know what model of phones and Android?

I have the same problem.
It works when importing Route from Kurviger but not when try opening file from Total COmandes.

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I have a Galaxy S7 with Android 8 and a Blackview BV6300pro with Android 10.

Wow stange… I have the same phone and Android :flushed:
@devemux86 do You have any ideas why it is this way?

Do you both use the same Kurviger Beta version?
Is Total Commander updated to the latest version?

Are the phones the same with official Android build?

The SM-G935F seems to be the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos 8890, International Single Sim).