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Kurviger as GPS-Logger


Dear all,
I am using KurvigerPro1.7.3 and apreciate the easy way to create route for motorbike-travelling.
But in some cases real live can overrule the planned route, e.g. when roads are blocked as happened July last year in the french Alps. Consequently, as there was no alternate route, I just took another target from scratch.
For sure: Kurviger cannot do anything about roadblocks but what I miss within kurviger is an opportunity to log the real track, that I finally took.
Do you really want me to use a separate GPS-Logger App for that?
kr, sepp2gl


GPS tracking is already in our schedule, see the feature topic:

Also Kurviger 1.8 was released today. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s exactly my point.
I’m also going to use GPS Logger, because it got very good feedback.
But this should be within Kurviger for more convenience and it shouldn’t be a real issue to integrate that functionality. Maybe GPS Logger could be remote controlled by Kurviger?
T2US, sepp2gl