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Kurviger App Pro 'Sprachausgabe' requires new start of smartphone

Kurviger App Pro using ‘Sprachausgabe’ requires new start of smartphone every time after using camera or other apps to continue routing by ‘Sprachausgabe’ afterwards. How to address this problem?

Can you explain with more details what exactly you mean?

Since we can not reproduce what you report…

You can pause navigation when you do not need it.

For more details please see the manual:

If you mean that the app is killed when you place it in the background,
you must exclude it from battery optimization.

For more details please see here:

Okay, second try to explain:
Routing works with ‘Sprachausgabe’ on the smartfone perfectly. Then there is a nice spot to stop driving (and routing). We take pictures, looking for hotels on booking.com or something similar. Afterwards we want to continue our route. But then ‘Sprachausgabe’ does not work anymore.
We have to restart the Smartfone completely to enable ‘Sprachausgabe’ for the same route. How to address this problem?
Kurviger. App is already excluded from battery optimesation.

Something similar happens to me. If I start Kurviger and after I start my intercom, there’s no voice output. If intercom is running before start Kurviger, works perfectly. I can switch between apps, take photos… It happened with all my phones (Samsung and Xiaomi). For me is not a problem because I switch on my intercom and then automatically phone ask me if I need to start a GPS tracker and Kurviger.

How do you see this?
Voice guidance works when you approach turn instructions.

Have you tested Google text-to-speech in Android settings to see if its test sample works?

Have you checked the audio volume to see if the other app turned it down?

This seems to be a problem with the third-party device and the phone’s audio connection.

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App uses the official Android API to communicate with the text-to-speech engine.

If you open an app or connect a device that locks the audio channel for itself
and does not allow other apps to use it…

It seems more like a problem with that other app or device.

In any case you can close completely Kurviger by removing it from recent apps
and just restart it.

And it is better to do the same - remove from recent apps - also the other app,
to close it completely and release the audio channel before using Kurviger.

Everyone when writing reports, please provide more details:

Device model?
Android version?
Other app or device?
Voice guidance settings?

You can also change the audio output in app voice guidance settings,
to see if it works better on your device.

And always check again that the audio volume is high.

That sounds really weird.
Can you reproduce this problem? Is there a particular app that may cause the issue?

Do you mean, that to stop Kurviger app (with android back button) does not help?

Can you tell us more details about your phone?
What does Kurviger say in:
“Settings | Kurviger x.x.x | INFO”

I think so, I just reported because can help you to find the problem related by @Rico

Thank you all for your reflection and tips!

I am on tour still, thus0 I am not able to answer immediately.

In my opinion we should reflect the following experiences:

If I use Google maps routing by voice it is no problem to interrupt the navigation by voice, take a snapshot by the fone’s camera, using booking app or reading the newspaper app. Navigation by voice by Google Maps works perfect afterwards without new start of the smartfone. The same watching videos on YouTube.

Apps like booking.com, camera app, newspaper apps don’t use a voice output system as far as I know.

And yes, there is no difference whether I leave Kurviger app’s navigation by voice unchanged, pause it or stop the navigation completly: using a different app meanwhile results in the voice of Kurviger navigation is dead and needs a complete new start of the smartfone.

Yes, the voice output of the fone is not diminished.

Here some technical details:

Kurviger App Vers. 2.0.14
Huawei Y6 2019
Android Vers. 9, EMUI 9.1.0



This is strange as we cannot reproduce it…

Google Maps cannot be compared as it is a special Android app.

Have you tried to close all apps (remove them from recent apps)
and then restart Kurviger?

Okay. I did not reflect, that it’s a homeplay for Google Maps on Android! Thank you for that hint.

It’s great, that you don’t have the problem described. If I wouldn’t have it, I had not decided to contact you resp. post it here.

May be it’s a special problem of HUAWEI’s EMUI version of Android.

If I use deezer app or 50languages, a free app to learn languages, their voice output works without removing different apps from ‘recent apps’ or new start of the fone.
To avoid missunderstanding:
I appreciate Kurviger and the work behind! In my opinion It’s a very nice and helpful tool on PC as on App. That’s why I pay for Pro and for Tourer Version. Nowadays I wouldn’t buy a Navi anymore but use Kurviger.

On behalf my described problem I will check your advice and will close all apps on ‘recent apps’ before starting Kurviger app again.

On my next tour I will report.

Yours Rico