Kurviger App and OsmAnd+ map- sharing on device possible?

Hi, til now I use osmand+, but I guess for riding motobike Kurviger pro would be really nice.
But if I’ll use both it would be really nice to use the downloaded osm maps in both apps to save space on the memory card.
Can I set the map path in Kurviger pro to …\Card\Android\data\net.osmand\files ?
Would that work?

Found Kurviger a short time ago and I am enthusiastic about the possibilities of the web- version. If that “map sharing” would work Kurviger pro might get my favourite biking app…

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Kurviger uses VTM map engine and Mapsforge offline maps.

OsmAnd uses a different format for its map files.

Sharing maps needs our engine to can read OsmAnd format. :slightly_smiling_face:

…so more as feared, than as hoped :disappointed_relieved:
Thanks for reply anyway.:wink: