Kurviger Android Pro stay foreground

Hi thank you for this wonderful app.

When I use pro app on Android, if I use Google assistant while navigate, screen turns to assistant and never comes back to navigation (navigation is still on, just screen is turned background)
So I have to stop, wear off gloves … not convenient.
Is there a tip or option ?

I tried screen lock from 1.11 beta and it doesn’t t fix that issue

That describes how Android handles applications, keeps one in foreground and others in background.
When close the foreground app (e.g. assistant), then Android returns to home screen.

Screen lock disables the touch screen, can see its feature topic for more details.

Include Kurviger in Android auto would fix it

How that’s relevant, have seen other apps (besides Google) behave like that?
Any assistant should work only with user voice without UI and without stopping other apps, like happens with smart speakers. Unless they can do it already in their settings.

I just tried in my car.
Using android auto with TuneIn Radio running on screen.
Said ok Google and asked for my gate to close :wink:
Assistant appears like a kind of notification (from the top banner over TuneIn)
When done , TuneIn screen came back

The original question was about application working in a mobile phone or in a car dashboard?

Android on mobiles has specific workflow (explained above), while car infotainment systems are configured to work differently.

Did the same with app
Wore my helmet with Cardo intercom.

Launched android auto app with TuneIn radio running and on screen
Said ok Google.
I reproduced the expected behaviour: using assistant while tuneIn still on screen.

When you’re done with Assistant say “OK Google, open Kurviger Pro”.


Great !! Thank you