Kurviger 2 subscription

I have Pro 1.14.21
That doesn’t work with charging stations.
So I was downloading std Kurviger 2.1.10 in order to get that working.

Thing is it doesn’t take the Pro account info. You get reverted to google play for an subscription to Pro
What I already have. I can’t put account info, as with the website for Tourer.

So what’s the procedure to get 2.1.10 working with the pro features.

The offline maps in the server need to be updated.
@boldtrn can answer this.

Kurviger 2 is a new app working with subscriptions.

To enable the Pro features you need to subscribe following the Google Play instructions.

You can see an overview of all features in the documentation:

I think that’s odd change off subscription. I already paid per year /12months. So changing to Kurviger 2 would require another new payment. Just for feature that isn’t implemented to the one I already have.

It doesn’t really make sense to me why Pro wouldn’t be upgraded as is.

Surely cause of some Technical issues. From user point I think it’s odd.

You may continue using Kurviger 1 Pro.
(it will be maintained for new Androids)

If you need new features you can upgrade to Kurviger 2.

The model Free/Pro is no longer sustainable, for further development, third party services,
maintenance, hosting, servers, etc.
If we continue with it, Kurviger will stop to exist. Therefore subscriptions exist per platform.

There are more details in the related topic:

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