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Kurviger 2 battery consumption in the background

Kurviger seems to consume a relatively large amount of CPU and thus battery resources in the background, even though it is not actively used, for example here: 1 minute used, 3.5 hours in the background, 44% CPU and 37% battery consumption. Optimise battery consumption was turned on in Android settings.

System came up with a warning message to close the app

I got similar warnings, if Kurviger is “running” in the background.
No active navigation.
Samsung S7; Andoid 8.0;
Can’t remember such warnings with kurviger 1.x
I didn’t care about this warning, and closed Kurviger app (Android back button) while not using it.

Do you have in background any of these?

  • Navigation
  • GPS recording

Battery consumption also depends on battery condition:
new batteries last longer and behave better than old ones.

Google location provider is advertised to be more battery friendly.
Also any extra CPU / GPU enabled option (e.g. Kalman filter) consumes more battery.

They do not have something different related to battery.


At least on original Android, apps in background pause everything.
(unless user enabled some explicit service: navigation / recording)

It is impossible to know how all these work with the OEM changes.

Possibly, made a small tour this morning. When returning I have switched off location service, but maybe I didn’t close Kurviger. GPS recording within Kurviger is always on. Kalman filter is also on.

what exactly is the difference to Android? Can I read it up somewhere?

Better stop navigation and GPS recording when you do not need them.
When they work, there is an indicator in status bar, also in background.

Thanks, will change the settings and watch the result