Kurviger 2.1.7 (Beta)

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Yesterday I tried the 2.1.2 beta for a short route and came across the following situation.

In my settings I have set the voice instructions to “After instruction points”, “2km”, “1km” and “300m”.

During the route I had to stop at a red traffic light at the exact time when the instruction to turn at 1km was spoken.
While being stopped, the instruction was spoken again and kept repeating over and over again, even when I started moving.
I had to exit the application for the repeating instruction to stop.

The exact same thing happened later, when I restarted the route at a point 300m before the next instruction point.
When I started the navigation (stopped) the instruction to turn at 300m was spoken.
Because I didn’t drive off immediately, the instruction was repeated and kept repeating in an endless loop until I force closed the application.

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Thanks for the report.

This seems strange, as it is impossible to reproduce it.
Voice instructions are checked to be announced once.

Have you seen it with previous versions of the app?
Are you sure there were no route recalculations (due to unstable GPS)?

What location service have you selected in settings?
Is Kalman filter enabled in location settings?
Have you changed any of the settings of the app?

Have other users ever seen the reported behavior?

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No, I haven’t noticed it in any of the previous versions.
I didn’t get any notifications for route recalculation, so I believe the GPS was OK.

Location service is set to “Google” and Kalman filter is enabled.
No changes to settings apart from setting the screen saver time to 20s for testing.

Next time please try without the Kalman filter.

Separately you could try with Android location service.

Kurviger 2.1.3 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: screen saver in navigation / follow (Pro)

The screen saver now also works in the follow mode.

- App: color outline option

You can turn on / off the icon and font outlines in the display panels.

Available in “Settings | Application | Outline”.

- App: Carpe Iter external input device

Carpe Iter has its own profile in “Settings | Application | External input device”.

- Various improvements

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Kurviger 2.1.3 (Beta) announcement:

Earlier announcement:

  • Navigation: screen saver in navigation

In the announcements it changed from “- Navigation:” to “-App:”

Is it now available in “Settings | Navigation | Screen saver” or in “Settings | Application | Screen saver”?

Currently have reasons not to use the beta version. But I need to know for reworking the docu.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Like in the announcement:


Kurviger 2.1.4 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: screen saver in navigation / follow (Pro)

The screen also turns on at selected voice instructions.

- App: WunderLINQ zoom or move

You can select zoom or move for WunderLINQ in “Settings | Application | External input device”.

- Various improvements


I like that :slight_smile: :+1:

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Kurviger 2.1.5 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: text-to-speech processing (Pro)

You can enable a pre-processing of text-to-speech instructions.
(it may be useful for engines other than Google text-to-speech)

Available in “Settings | Voice guidance | Text-to-speech”.

- Map: charging stations in map layers (Pro)

It requires new offline maps.

Available in menu “Map | Map layers”.

- Various improvements


Kurviger 2.1.6 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: strict route following (Pro)

Navigate along the route without shortcuts or optimization.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Strict route following”.

- Map: disable follow location

Follow location can be disabled when long press the location button.

- Various improvements

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in der Beta ist ein Fehler.

Habe ich nur die Folgemodus aktiv, kann ich mit WunderLINQ normal zoomen aber der Zoom springt schon nach einer Sekunde wieder zurück. Es wird nicht die Zeit in den Einstellungen berücksichtigt.

Läuft die Navigation wird die Rücksprungzeit berücksichtig auch wenn nach erreichen des Ziels der Folgemodus weiterläuft. Wird aber dieser Modus unterbrochen und man startet dann den Folgemodus wieder von Hand durch langes drücken der Taste, passiert das wie oben beschrieben auch.


Thanks for the report.

It will work correctly in the next app update.

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Kurviger 2.1.7 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Tools: GPS recording dialog (Pro)

Also available in menu “Tools | GPS recording”.

- App: Android 12 compatibility

- Various improvements

In the Kurviger 2.1.7 list of improvement or features a very nice feature is hidden under “Various improvements”:

Perhaps it could be wearth to mention it in the list as one of the improvements.

- GPS recording (or logging?): GPS recording dialog
Extra access of the GPS recording dialog.
Available in Menu > Tools.

I don’t know your preffered term in this case: recording or logging. Therefore above mentioned different in brackets.

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Thanks, I updated the changelog.

The preferred term is now the “GPS recording”.



ich konnte nun 3 Tage ausgiebig die Beta 2.1.7 bei einer Weserbergland/Sauerlandtour testen und es hat alles perfekt funktioniert. Kein Probleme, keine Fehler, die Zusammenarbeit mit WunderLINQ ist perfekt und das GPS Track Menü ist nun einfach und schnell aufzurufen.

Ich bin sehr zufrieden.


@Hobbyfahrer thanks for the testing and report.

We also need the positive feedbacks! :slightly_smiling_face: