Kurviger 2.0.14

da so ein tolles Programm natürlich auch Entwicklungskosten mit sich bringt ist ein Abo auf jeden Fall OK.
Meine Frage wäre jetzt nur, wenn ich das Abo für Kurviger 2 abschließe ist es dann auch auf all meinen Android Geräten nutzbar, so wie es bei der Pro Version ja auch funktioniert?
Auf jeden Fall ist Kurviger eine tolle Sache die auch unterwegs viel Spass macht.

LG Armin

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This is handled by Google Play and should work similarly.
Please see the Google Play Help where it states:

“You can use apps you bought on Google Play on any Android device without paying again.
However, each device must have the same Google Account on it.”


and thank you for the quick reply.

With kind regards
Armin Lehmann

I am honestly thrilled by your new subscription model, hoping that means we will keep this excellent app as well as see further development along the way and I think the pricing is very competitive compared to alternative and lesser solutions.

I have had and used your Kurviger 1 Pro app for some years now (Since beta at least), and use it extensively for my motorcycle driving and finding new routes.
Major :+1: from here.

I have beta-tested Kurviger 2 only a few times so far, and have found its new features very nice and helpful. I can already feel that I will be using it as much in the future as I have so far. Big fan here :wink:

Feedback on the route segment options:
If this part should be posted in a different thread, please let me know.
I recall in the past having suggested (together with others) being able to set up settings for segments of the route and now you have implemented it. Awsome.

I have an additonal, and important to me, request though, or maybe it is just because I have not yet figured out how to use it.
For each segment I can choose between fastest, fast and curvy and so on, but… I would VERY much like to also en- and disable motorways, ferries and so on per segment, basically I would like to have all the normal options for a route, but potentially different for each segment of the route.

I have started planning a route from Denmark to Gibraltar, and at least for the first part through Germany I would like to use motorways part of the way, then choose not to use motorways for some time, then later during a part of France I would like to use partly motorway again.

Best regards, Jan


Thanks for the kind words!

This was suggested also in multiple route profiles topic.
Now the avoid options + strengths apply to whole route.

(please create a new topic, as it involves a new feature)


I am not sure in what sub-forum I should create the new thread. I cannot create a new topic in the one called “New features”.

“New features” are handled by the administrators after approving something for implementation.

You can suggest new ideas in Routing or Website categories,
as the server must first implement any new routing functions.

Thanks for the updated version. Kurviger was already my favorite navigation app and it only gets better.

I understand the decision to change the licensing model, Kurviger is not a charity :). I hope it will work out as expected and keep Kurviger alive!


Kurviger 2.0.13 is on Google Play:

- Various improvements

Hi devemux

Thanks for the new 2.0 version. I also own the 1.x version and 2.0 is a major improvement already. I had also briefly tried a zumo 396 earlier this year but must say that I instantly hated the software. It was almost impossible to follow a pre-planned route (others seem to report similar problems). I ended up selling my garmin again. Absolutely no comparison to kurviger.

That being said, I’d also like to make a few suggestions for improvement. I found myself using the app more and more for planning as well. So here are some ideas:

  1. Undo/Redo stack. It would be nice to undo a deleted waypoint (the workaround is to export after every modification)
  2. Allow to display the distance between the current position and an existing waypoint.
  3. Allow to set a new starting point and discard all previous waypoints/shaping points in one go.
  4. Make the overlayed tracks persistent. Currently, every time kurviger terminates (i.e. when moved to the background) any loaded overlay is gone.


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Thanks for the kind words and your support!

  1. See a related feature discussion here.

  2. There is a feature discussion for split routes on the app too.

For the other suggestions, we must think about their need vs implementation / maintenance.

(when you put the app in the background, the app is not terminated, unless Android closes it)

I see. Yes, that is related but is slightly different (more) to what I had in mind. I would - in fact - only need this info in planning mode, i.e. when the navigation is stopped or paused. Just to estimate where to plan for any future stops. I won’t need a constantly updating distance of several POIs while navigating.

Currently, I actually use point (3) from my list above. During a break I usually move the starting point to my current location and remove all WPs behind. This will then update all WPs ahead accordingly. If we had a single action for this it would be great.

From my remaining two points I think an undo operation has already been requested by others as well. Again, it is useful for planning as it helps exploring various options more quickly.

Yes, probably Android closes it. Doesn’t happen everytime though.


Hey all, people mostly write when they have something to complain about. So I just wanted to say that I happily paid the 10 Eur for the yearly subscription. After I purchased Tourer.
Considering how much value you get and how well we were treated in the last several years, I think that it is only in our best interest to do anything in our power to keep this app going.

No other software costs as little as phone apps and this is one of the harder platforms to develop for. A thousand different models, constant changes in Android, outdated phones running archaic versions of the OS (Android 5 is how many years old now?) - the amount of time and hard work it takes to get it even remotely ‘right’ is staggering.

Much respect and keep going.


Thanks for the nice words and support! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kurviger 2.0.14 is on Google Play:

- Navigation: auto center map view (Pro)

You can adjust the time of auto center (zoom) map view.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Auto center map view”.

- Routing: show route ascend / descend

Show the elevation ascent and descent of routes.

- Map: mountain passes and peaks in map layers (Pro)

You can enable / disable mountain passes and peaks separately.

Available in menu “Map | Map layers”.

- Various improvements

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Hello, I have the following decision:

  • If I want to see the gas stations, hotels or restaurants on or near the route, I have to have the offline maps active.
    If I want to know the speed limits or have the application recalculate the curvy route, I have to do it with the online maps.
    Another functionality that I want to have in kurviger is to know the gas stations that are on the route that I have created.
    Will it be possible to have all this together?


P.S. It is the first time that I participate in the forum and I apologize if this is not the right place or ways.

The routing is not related with the displayed (online or offline) map.

The routes are calculated separately on the server or offline.

This may come in the future:

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I was almost certain that I was not doing it correctly, but my English is very poor and dealing with the translator is not fluent.
I’m sorry for the mistake and will try to learn. Thanks.