Kurviger 2.0.11 (Beta)

I am currently thinking about whether I should also participate in the beta test.
I still have some questions. Can I have the previous kurviger1Pro app and the kurviger2 beta both installed on one device and choose which one I use? Do I have to subscribe to the beta already or is that still usable without payment for testing purposes?

Short answer: Yes and yes
See also answer above

Kurviger2 (beta) replaces the old Kurviger free.
With the subscription the advertising goes away and the Pro features are activated

Kurze Antwort: Ja und ja
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Kurviger2 (Beta) ersetzt die alte Kurviger free.
Mit dem Abonnement verschwindet die Werbung und die Pro-Funktionen werden aktiviert


Ich habe gerade im Login im kurviger Tourer Abo geplant. Ist in Zukunft (Winter 2021/2022)dann auch die Synchronisation Webseite mit der App geplant?
Am coolsten wäre es natürlich wenn man wie bei WhatsApp App Gruppen machen könnte aus Leuten mit kurviger Abo. Ich habe eine WhatsApp- & Dropbox Gruppe wo ich derzeit die Touren speichere
Import in kurviger Beta 2 aus WhatsApp und Dropbox läuft im übrigen Reibungslos wie in der Version 1.:ok_hand:


It is still too early and it is not wise to make promises for the development of features.
Let’s first see how Kurviger 2 goes and then I can think of what features are possible.

Ja auf alle Fälle :slight_smile: war vorhin am Motorrad und kann sagen, dass ich Version 2 auf alle Fälle den Zoom mit dem WunderlinQ bedienen kann. Schieben der Karte mit dem WunderlinQ an der BMW hat auch funktioniert.

Problems with beta 2.0.7. or operating error?
After the mail to the new beta 2.0.7, I have registered as a new beta tester and installed the beta version.
When I start the app, advertising appears at the top of the screen, which is unusual, but maybe it has to be that way.
When I then want to open an offline map, the selection menu of the subscription options appears, so monthly or annually.

Do I understand that all functions of the beta 2.0.7 can only be tested if I subscribe to at least one month?

Since I didn’t get any further at this point, I uninstalled the app again and unsubscribed from the beta program and continue with the old one for now.

What am I doing wrong?

Probleme mit Beta 2.0.7. oder Bedienungsfehler?
Nach dem mail zur neuen Beta 2.0.7, habe ich mich als neuer beta-Tester angemeldet und die Beta Version installiert.
Beim Start der app erscheint zunächst mal am oberen Rand Werbung, ungewohnt aber vielleicht muss das so sein.
Wenn ich dann eine offline-Karte öffnen will, erscheint das Auswahl-Menu der Abo-Optionen, also monatlich oder jährlich.

Verstehe ich das so, dass man alle Funktionen der Beta 2.0.7 nur testen kann, wenn man mindestens ein Monats Abo abschließt?

Da ich an der Stelle nicht weiter gekommen bin, habe ich die app wieder deinstalliert und mich vom beta-Programm abgemeldet und mache erst mal mit der alten weiter.

Was mache ich falsch?

It is important to understand that all app subscriptions are handled by Google.

Google Play automatically provides a free 7-day trial for subscriptions in apps.
You can try the Pro features for free. If you do not like it, you can unsubscribe.

On my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro the 2.0.7 App has problems withe the font. See the screenshots below in comparison with the 1.x App

Please see the discussion and the solution above.

It is caused by the forced behavior of MIUI system dark mode in Xiaomi devices.
You could exclude Kurviger 2 from the system forced dark mode and it will work.
(you probably have excluded Kurviger 1 in the past)

How long does it take until I see Kurviger 2 in the store?

Google is responsible for this and (after registration) mentions:

Note: It can take a while for you to receive the update.”

Is it then an update or a parallel install? Can both versions use the same offline maps?

Kurviger 2 (Beta) is a direct successor and updates Kurviger 1 Free.

Did you follow Google instructions and installed Kurviger 1 Free to receive the update?

You can have installed both Kurviger 2 and Kurviger 1 Pro.
They can use the same offline content.

Sorry still do not understand. I had Kurviger 1 Pro and then switched to the beta program, but never installed Kurviger 1 free. Do I now have to quit the Kurviger 1 Beta to switch to the pro again? Or install Kurviger 1 Pro new? And then install Kurviger 1 free to get K2 free for joining the Beta? And have to accept ads? Don’t like advertising. And how then I get Kurviger 2 Pro in parallel?

I am already over 50. First have to understand before I start doing something :grin:

There are 2 different applications with their own separate Beta programs:

Kurviger 2 will replace Kurviger 1 Free.

To get Kurviger 2 (Beta):

The subscription has free trial period and offers the Pro features + removes the ads.

OK thanks will try next week, too short term for tomorrow’s tour. Just a question: Is there any benefit for long time beta pro participants or early birds like for the web version? So 6,99€ instead of 9,99€? No problem if not.

Google Play does not provide such facilities.
(the 2 apps are independent for Google and app purchases are private)

Google Play cannot be linked with third-party stores.

I can’t access the beta. When I click the instructions I get a message that I’m part of the beta. I then try to install Kurviger 1 Free and I don’t have any option to install and a note that says “Removing your account from the beta test program. You may want to uninstall the beta test version and install the public version”.
Could this be because I still have Kurviger Pro installed and I’m part of the Kurviger 1 Beta?
I didn’t want to uninstall Kurviger Pro if this wasn’t the reason since I don’t want to loose all my settings, etc.

I figured it out. I had to install the app using the links above from my PC and not from the Google Play store on my phone. I now have the beta installed on my phone. I did notice that in order to use the features in the beta I need to purchase a subscription (monthly or yearly). Is that expected for the beta?

Ich habe den Link benutzt und erhielt die Nachricht “Willkommen im Testprogramm. Du bist Tester”. Das schon vor einiger Zeit. Aber nichts tut sich! Kurviger 2 ist nicht im playstore, ich erhalte kein Update! Ihr schreibt “es dauert einige Zeit”, aber was ist “einige Zeit”? Einige scheinen es schon bekommen zu haben, das verstehe ich nicht. Mache ich was falsch?