Kurviger 2.0.11 (Beta)

I like it :bath::ok_hand:

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Navigation: start navigation without GPS (Pro)…Schneller als die Polizei erlaubt!

Kurviger 2.0.10 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: current time display (Pro)

The current time display is available in “Settings | Navigation | Current time”.
(works in navigation and follow location)

- Navigation: battery level display (Pro)

The battery level display (with charge indicator) is available in “Settings | Navigation | Battery level”.
(works in navigation and follow location)

- GPS logging: import GPX tracks (Pro)

Import tracks from GPX files into the GPS logging database of recorded tracks.
(improved implementation)

Available in GPS logging button.

- Various improvements


Excellent :blush:

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Ich finde es gerade einfach super wie nach und nach immer mehr Funktionen kommen und freu mich einfach nur die App im Abo nutzen zu können :slight_smile:

I just find it great how little by little more and more functions come and am just happy to be able to use the app in the subscription :slight_smile:

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It is nice that many of you recognize the work that has been done so far in the application.

There is certainly a long way since the initial announcement and more remain to be done.


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Gut gemacht, sehr gut.
Anzeige Uhrzeit und Akku Stand hatte ich noch vermisst. Wäre das jetzt noch in einem Feld, was nach 10-30 sec dazwischen wechselt, wäre es 1++
Super Arbeit Leute!

LG Frank

Wird es auch für die Kurviger Pro App Update geben,
warte seit langen daß man bei einem Straßenende mit Direkt weiterkommt.

Als erstes benötige ich ein Navi zum Routen,
dann vielleicht auch Uhrzeit, Geschwindigkeit, Bildschirmgröße, Schriftfarben….

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Kurviger 2.0.11 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

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I also became a beta tester today and tried out the new settings a bit. I have activated the current time display and battery level display, but they are not shown to me. Or am I searching for nothing and perhaps I just have to tap on some panel?

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not visible in simulation mode, only in normal mode.


Ah well, OK, I’ll check that right away today.

how can I update on Kurviger 2.0.11. I am Beta User.

Thank you

Please see 1st post of this thread:

O.k., Thanks

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