Kurviger 2.0.11 (Beta)

How is Kurviger 1 on this device?

Have you set any (dark) theme on the device to be forced on all apps?
(these automations are never good, you could exclude Kurviger)

I have a standard dark mode set in Xiaomi (only my Samsung has a force setting for unsupported applications). But Xiaomi is Xiaomi - you can expect anything. Fortunately, as you suggest, individual applications can be excluded, so the problem is gone. Thanks!

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Hallo zusammen,

es gibt ja hier die Meldung mit 2.0.7 Beta. Ich habe mich da jetzt eintragen lassen. Leider sind die Übersetzer im Internet nicht so toll. Kann mal bitte jemand die Sache nach deutsch aufschlüsseln?

Das kurviger Tourer Abo habe ich. Muss ich sonst noch was beachten?

Und jetzt bitte keine blöden und unnötigen Sprüche!!!

Wie erkenne ich die neue Version auf dem Handy? Welche Versionsnummer hat die App dann? Bekomme ich einen Update Hinweis über den PlayStore nachdem ich oben jetzt auf den Link gedrückt habe?

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Kurviger 2.x.x wird parallel zu Kurviger Pro 1.14.17 installiert.
Es ist eine neue App.
Kurviger Pro 1.14.17 bleibt unangetastet auf dem Handy.

Kurviger 2.x.x is installed in parallel with Kurviger Pro 1.14.17.
It is a new app.
Kurviger Pro 1.14.17 remains untouched on the phone.

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Please can you verify whether Kurviger 1 appears the same or differently on your device?

Is it possible to switch back to the Kurviger pro if I want? What are the costs of Kurviger 2?

Regards, Nico

See my answer above
Subscription fee is 9,99€/year in Germany


Thanks. The reply came during i wrote my question.

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The subscription prices are the same as the website (in Germany).
(2.49 € / month or 9.99 € / year)

Apps set a price without tax and Google Play calculates the final price with tax per country.

It is exactly the same. A long time ago I entered Kurviger 1 as an exception to the dark mode and… forgot I did. I even forgot that I had such a possibility - hence my doubt about Kurviger 2.

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It seems the function “show in Google maps” is not working in the beta 2 version?

It shows a list of compatible apps, with Google Maps among them.
You can select it and it opens with the map location.

Like in kurviger 1: long press on map, select “more…” and select “show on Google maps” does not do anything in kurviger 2

Both apps work the same in all tests, they open the list of compatible apps.

Unless you have set another app to open by default all Google Maps links.

I installed the Kurviger 2 Beta and the icons of Kurviger 1 and Kurviger 2 are the same, could it be changed to differentiate them?
Is there a trial time Kurviger 2 (Pro) or do I have to buy it to have the Pro version?
Thanks !

Okay, Danke für die Info. Wie lange hat es bei euch so gedauert bis die App aktualisiert wird bzw. verfügbar ist?

Interesting suggestion, icon background color could be changed easily on newer Android.

Google Play automatically provides a 7 days free trial period to the subscriptions.

Bekommt man automatisch die 2.Pro Version wenn man das kurviger Tourer Abo hat oder ist das ein anderes Abo? Das habe ich auch noch nicht ganz verstanden.