Kurviger 1 Pro app

Last year I made a one time payment for the Kurviger Pro App on my android phone. I mistakenly uninstalled the app. When I reinstalled the app, it loaded the free version. How can I get back to the Pro version that i paid for?

I think in Play store you can go to “My apps and games” and then select the tab “Mediathek” - it should be available there…

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If you purchased Kurviger 1 Pro app in the past,
it remains available in your Google Play library
and is maintained for current owners.

Please see the Google Play Help instructions for how to reinstall it.

Kurviger 2 is a separate app with new features via subscriptions.

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Kurviger Pro App installiert, nicht installiert

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Thanks for your help. I was able to fully restore the app!