Kurviger 1.7

@dotcom Just go to "my apps and games’ in the Google Play menu and check for updates. I usually do this every day because there are always some apps having updates and I prefer to do them a few at a time rather than in one big lump at less frequent intervals.


Sehr guter Tipp und direkt angewendet.

Danke Arnulf

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Whoa, you go to 100% rollout on play store for a new version immediately? O.O
Just a hint, maybe you did not know, that the play store supports phased rollout to users, you can select “5%” or something at first, and the see if your crash rates increase, before you give the app to 100% of users

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I know, can say we’re overconfident for the app quality? :innocent:


@Tom moved the long maps discussion in separate topic for easy future reference.

Not as long as reality hasn’t proven you wrong… :smiley:

@SchlesiM do you really switch manually to follow location mode, when circumventing a construction area?
When you leave the route, while in navigation mode (automatic recalculation=off) , Kurviger follows automatically your position and the “traffic sign” is pointing to your route.

The new crosshair mode:

  • I like the possibility to delete waypoints from context menu.
  • It is easier and more precise to move waypoints, but needs one tap more to place a new waypoint.
    In this context one thing is annoying me:
    The hint bubble fadeing in, hides the action button.
    Is this hint really needed here?
    Is it possible to display the hint bubble at the top of the screen, instead of the bottom?


There is a Delete action in waypoints context menu (if there are more than 2 waypoints).

Actually we’re thinking to remove or relocate it in next version. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know — and I wanted to say, that I like this feature. :wink:


In fact you’re absolutely right, of course. It wasn’t my intention to be too demanding :smile:.

I have to point out: looking at all the improvements and changes, Kurviger received over the last couple of month, it’s obvious what a great evolution both app and website made since started. And considering the fact that’s a two persons developer team those achievements are even more admirable! :open_mouth:

IMHO it’s really a shame that other solutions seem to have much more customers (or at least more downloads in the Google store). Like calimoto for example, which has a much larger team, but is definitely inferior to Kurviger in many, many aspects.

Therefore I really use every opportunity to emphasize what a great product Kurviger is.


Yes, I do. Not if it’s a short detour, but quite often I prefer to choose an attractive (and sometimes therefore longer) way around obstacles. For this purpose I prefer a more zoomed out (2D) view. Nevertheless my original route temporarily isn’t visible in this view, so the indicator would be handy in this view too. But it’s not an essential issue of course.

Sounds good :+1:. Maybe I could also get rid of the large bubble showing my currently loaded offline maps every time I start the app. IMHO it’s a little bit annoying. :sunglasses:

This was introduced because users complained about not remember what offline maps have opened.
Though we plan to offer a more detailed maps info feature in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

This week, I had a +200km ride with V1.7
“Automatic recalculation” was off, so I could see the behavior when you are off route.

  • arrow indicator is pointing towards next “yellow dot” not to the “blue line” as user might expect. This can lead to situations, where the “blue line” is 100m in front of you, but the arrow is pointing left.
    I guess pointing towards “blue line” is not possible (performance).

  • Often the “nearest yellow dot” is the one you have already passed, so the arrow indicator is guiding you backwards.

    Would it be possible, to tune the algorithm so that routing points which are closer towards the end are preferred?

    :thinking: Maybe by introducing a “virtual distance” from your current position to the next routing point.

    VirtualDistance = RealDistance + Distance_of_RoutingPoint_to_EndPoint * Factor 
    • RealDistance is the distance form your current position to the next routing point.
    • Factor needs to be tuned carefully.
      Factor = 0 would be the current bahavior.

Nice detail, useful in combination with “auto hide screen buttons” :slightly_smiling_face:

Touch map is meant literally. The screen buttons stay hidden, if the user is e.g. playing with the menu.
Is it possible, to let the screen buttons be visible, as log as there is any user interaction with the display?


@linux-user thanks for the feedback!

We’re thinking to introduce more options in off route direction arrow, like next instruction, nearest point, next waypoint, destination.

Is it possible, to let the screen buttons be visible, as log as there is any user interaction with the display?

No, they work together and like zoom buttons, as long as there is interaction with the screen where they appear.

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Crosshair mode in Kurviger 1.7.1 works more friendly without the hint message. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi. Thanks for the new version 1.7.1.

I think I have a problem with the new version on my Huawei Mate 10 pro (Android 9.0.0). I ask kurviger to navigate an imported kurviger route and once I click on the navigation buttom the app just crashes and disappears. Maybe it’s something about my hardware of software configuration but version 1.7 worked well.

I hope it is of any help.


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Kurviger 1.7.1 was released with stability improvements and:

- Routing: show distance and time for waypoints

Waypoint info bubbles show also their distance and time (like in website).