Kurviger 1.3

Do you mean while inside navigation? Already is fixed for next version!

Also outside navigation will have a new route calculation safer process.


:+1: Correct while navigation is ongoing.

Still very impressed about quality and stability of Kurviger app!

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I prefer „Follow on map“ function together with 3D view. Unfortunately standard is 2D. Is there a quick way to change to 3D?

Do you mean follow location (no navigation) as described in documentation?

You can tilt the map and then it will follow in 3D.
All map gestures are described in documentation.

Exactly. Gestures are fine as long as you don’t weare gloves…
So, I kindly request to change the default to 3D view.

We should be careful with defaults since they affect simultaneously all users.
In navigation the map tilt is default off, as some can find it difficult to orientate.
So we should think and plan it carefully. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ich finde es gut so wie es ist. So kann es jeder für sich nach seinem Geschmck aussuchen. :+1:

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Do you like feedback, even if there is nothing to criticise ?

Last WE ~120km with this settings:
-Route-calculation -> show waypoints in turn instructions on
-Navigation -> recalculate route off

I did a few navigation tests:

  • Deviated from route and came back to route at various points.
  • rode the route in wrong direction.
  • triggered onetime calculation while off route.


One incident, that might be worth beeing noted.

  • While heading back towards route (~200m off route) I triggert recalculation.
  • I was back on route before recalculation was finished. (maybe slow server response)
  • navigation continued as expected.
  • At that time the “spinning circle” was running for maybe half a minute until it finally disappeared.
    There has been no message about missing Internet.



@linux-user thanks for the tests!

Absolutely! Feedback - positive & negative - is a fundamental part of Kurviger development and evolution to the product you all like to use. :slightly_smiling_face:

In next version the map orientation options will be enriched with GPS 2D and GPS 3D modes.
So that everyone can select via tap on compass the preferred 2D/3D mode in follow location.

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Hallo and a big THANK YOU to the developers :grinning:
I just returned from a tour through the Apenin and south france and got the new version 1.3 in the middle of the tour. It improves the app significantly.

With the last days experiance I would also apreceate the posibility of a smaller route line as suggested by Markus above.

Therefore I propose to enhance the ajustable width down to 10%

and look forward to it like emux mentioned:

We can provide such extended route scale in next version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Forthermore I would suggest to have the possibility to increase the size of the following buttons: The navigate button, the compass needle (for map oriantation), the position button and the warning sign when I left the planned route.
The reason is that I use gloves with prepared fingertips (nanotips) which works fine but while riding it is a little bit tricky to hit the smal buttens. Sometimes it happens that I have to change on or more of these settings wile driving (mostly by just forgetting to set it right bevore starting to ride - shame on me :flushed:). I think twice the sice would help a lot.

Of cours other useres will not want bigger buttens due to a lost of map space on the display. Therefore I think it would be good to have the size configrurable if it is possible at all.

Anyhow it is not a big point but probably a feature for a rear position of the to do list? :wink:


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@R11R thanks for the kind words!

It will exist in next version. :slightly_smiling_face:

We can implement optional scaling also for other elements of user interface, stay tuned!

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Perfect. Thanks a lot!

Speed (and altitude) as well?? :+1:t3:

I had told Robin that expected such requests after location & route color / scale features!

Navigation panels could be adjusted too. And their colors come as natural next feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow. Thanks for the update and the nice feature of switching between time/distance of the end of the route or the next waypoint.
It would be nice if the waypoint for the time/distance display could be selected. Maybe with a long click on time/distance. Because if I have a route with 5 Waypoints and a restaurant is at point 4 and I am at point 1 time/distance is more interesting to point 4 than point 2 or the end of the route.



It’s already in our todo list for the future!
Also there is a relevant discussion here.

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I must confess that my blood pressure starts rising, reading these comments. Discussing these “cosmetic” features by at large and length, and although "skip next waypoint is a work around, there is no progress on “circumvent road block” (umleitung), something what every tour biker experiences almost on every tour.

Since there was such a huge discussion about these “cosmetic” features, it seems that this was quite important for some people :slight_smile:. Everyone has different priorities, we try to help everyone in good time.

This is a feature and no workaround, many users explicitly asked for a quick way to skip the next waypoint. We do have road blocks on our road map.

There are discussions about road blocks. Please discuss about this feature in one of these threads.

For example: