Kurviger 1.14.24

It may return in the future with improvements for reported issues.

Imperfect features must improve, then could be integrated again.

Like bubble mode, it must first get scroll map and waypoint menu
and reach the feature parity of crosshair mode, before it is usable.

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I hope it will return soon.

For my own use, kurviger is a perfect app. The only issue is that it really does not have a smooth scrolling, even on a rather fast smartphone like the S9.
Fortunately, i’ve still got the old version 1.14.11 on my S6 which is exclusively used for navigation. Hope I am able to preserve it from being updated automatically.

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Google Play Store starten > Meine Apps und Spiele öffnen > Installiert anklicken > Kurviger anklicken > Oben Rechts auf die 3 Punkte klicken, dort Autom. Updates Hacken entfernen

Start Google Play Store > Open My Apps and Games > Click on Installed > Click on Curvier > Click on the 3 dots at the top right, then remove the check mark for Automatic Updates.


Dankeschön !! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ich bin bekennender Smartphone Wenignutzer und wusste echt nicht, dass es so einfach geht. Bei meinem S6 ist keine SIM drin und Wlan aus. Deswegen bisher auch kein Update.

The old tires where better depending on how you use it.
Please !!! make the old version method select-able as an option!!!

In addition, there was no waypoint menu with the old mode.

All of these must first be implemented before considering it usable again.

The old method could only be used with a pen.
I got a pen especially for my tablet at the time. It’s no use on the mobile phone either.
I’m happy to accept the extra click to move a few points, as there are other options that I like to use. I leave the pen at home now :wink: Weight saved.


Kurviger 1.14.15 is available for old owners:

- App: export, import, reset preferences (Pro)

You can export / import (as pref files) and reset (to installation defaults) the app preferences.

Available in “Settings | Application | Preferences”.

- Various improvements


It works, thank you

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Klasse Funktion, Danke.

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There is a little modification at

‘‘Menu button’’ > ‘‘Settings’’ > ‘‘About’’ > ‘‘Info’’ >

‘‘Menü-Button’’ > ‘‘Einstellungen’’ > ‘‘Über’’ > ‘‘Info’’ >

grafik grafik

In 1.14.15 is missing the ‘‘COPY’’ function.

This function for non-experts is very helpful to comunicate the device and software states when there are problems. Makes easier to describe what is to do when comunicating with the forum. Why removed?

Copy on Android needs a review.

This was more useful when writing in the forum on the phone and can actually use the copy.
And the information is very little, it can be handwritten.

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Kurviger 1.14.16 is available for old owners:

- Various improvements

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The design (and the size ? - I am not sure) of the turn points has changed - is that intentional?

The old ones were some of the last resources of the platform that were still bitmaps.
The new ones are SVG and so simple to resize and change their fill + stroke colors.

Their size is the same, probably the bitmap padding showed them virtually smaller.
Anyway now it’s simple to resize them, however they should remain easy to press.

Edit: we can change their color if there is something more suitable.


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In next version the turn instruction nodes will have more padding to “appear” smaller.

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Kurviger 1.14.17 is available for old owners:

- Various improvements

Yesterday I noticed a hitch in version 1.14.16. When pausing and resuming the Navigation, the resumption did not work. Both buttons in the bottom left we’re blue.
Only after closing and restarting the app and automatically loading the last route did it work again. I think this is not only a problem of version 1.14.16 since I had this effect already before.

Today, when I “open with” a route via Total Commander (what I always do since I find my saved routes easier with Total commander app) in version 1.14.17, I get this error message.


This is a new bug in 1.14.17 for sure since this still worked in version 1.14.16. I have rebooted the device and can again reproduce this error.

It is not very clear what you mean.

Start - Pause (tap) - Continue - Stop (long press) navigation seems to work fine.

Because of the fix for the 1.14.16 problem with website,
routes exported with 1.14.16 need to be exported again.