Kurviger 1.14.24


Vielen dank fuer schnelle ruckmeldung.
Offline habe ich immer gehabt aber seit letztem free Release, habe die andern nicht mehr. :frowning:
Es ist auch so fuer Freunden.


Kurviger 1.14.14 is available for old owners:

- Various improvements

Hello Wolfgang.

I do not get the same menu as you have anymore.

Does it mean not linked to the server?

What shall I do to get it again ? Was using free version of kurviger.

Thank you for help.


The advanced route transfer is available in Kurviger Pro.

Sorry Bab,
can’t help, I have only installed kurvigerPRO. With the free version only a subset of functions works. Maybe you just install the PRO version - it’s worth every cent!


Guten Morgen,

Ich hab gerade die Pro Version auf die aktuelle Version 1.14.14 geupdatet.

Nun ist mir aufgefallen, dass die Fadenkreuz Funktion aktiviert wurde und ich keine Einstellung mehr finde diese wieder zu deaktivieren.

Gibt es hier noch eine Möglichkeit diese wieder zu deaktivieren?

Danke an der Stelle auch an den Entwickler / das Team. Die App begleitet mich nun schon mehrere tausend Kilometer.


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The crosshair is activated when you are asked to select a location on the map.
(you can close it by pressing its cancel button)

Hallo @devemux86 ich möchte den einen Wegpunkt hinzugügen ohne das Fadenkreuz.

Bsp Klick auf die Karte - Zwischenziel hinzufügen

Den Blasenmodus möchte ich nutzen.

I updated the documentation.

OK das ist schade zu hören, habe ich die Möglichkeit den Blasenmodus wieder über eine Hintertür zu aktivieren?

Oder die Möglichkeit auf eine Version zu downgraden, in der es den Blasenmodus noch gibt?

As already explained, the bubble function was an inaccurate way to select a location.
It existed until the accurate crosshair mode was implemented and replaced it as default.

The waypoint menu (long press) can only be available with the crosshair function.

Warum es ausgebaut wurde habe ich verstanden.

In älteren Versionen ist die Funktion aber noch vorhanden? Daher die Frage, ob ich wieder auf eine vorherige Version der App downgraden kann?

I understand why it was removed.

But in older versions the function is still there? the question is if I can downgrade back to a previous version of the app?

Very strange thought, like driving with old tires and an inaccurate engine.

Google Play is responsible for its store and does not provide such option.

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Sad, anyway thanks for your service and feedback

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I agree with Munky, please bring the bubble mode back as a selectable option.
Some people like the new croshair method and others like the old bubble method.
The bubble method is when using a tablet with S-Pen accurate enough and the fastest way to work.
Please try to move a relative large number of vias with the new method, it is really annoying.
For me it would be a reason to stop using Kurviger.

What happened to Location / ‘Smooth Movement’ ?
I could use it till 1.14.11 and in 1.14.14, it is no more available. :pensive:

Needs review.

You can use the “Settings | Location | Kalman filter”.
It has smooth movement + reduction of GPS errors.

Will ‘Smooth Movement’ be back again in future? I am very sad about killing it.

I’m using 1.14.11 on an Samsung S6 (Smooth ON / Kalman OFF) and 1.14.14 (Kalman ON) on a Samsung S9+. The Movement on the S6 is much more softer than on the S9.

It may return in the future with improvements for reported issues.

Imperfect features must improve, then could be integrated again.

Like bubble mode, it must first get scroll map and waypoint menu
and reach the feature parity of crosshair mode, before it is usable.

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