Kurviger 1.14.12 (Beta)

Auto zoom scale makes (speed based) auto zoom smaller (<100%) or larger (>100%).
i.e. scales the algorithm towards long or close range respectively.

So if you feel that speed based auto zoom is too “zoomed in” can try a <100% value.
Or if you feel that speed based auto zoom is too “zoomed out” can try a >100% value.

Please see also the discussion in its feature topic:

This provides the option “select all” in file browser (Android 7) :+1:
I appreciate this, because I put all map files which I usually use into one folder.
And I have seen that the term for shaping point in German version is “Shaping-Point” now, consistent to website :+1: (instead of “Formpunkt”) - I have to hurry to update that in the converter, too.
And - of course - I appreciate the option to set names of shaping points.


Android’s storage access framework will become mandatory in the near future.

And it offers several advantages in older Android too, so better now than later.

I have just tested the new file management process and I like it. Finally I can store my tracks and routes on my SD card in the directory, which I have created. Big step forward for me.

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A good point that I like is that the compass button is now also faded out when this setting is active for the buttons.

Kurviger 1.14.2 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: speed based auto zoom control (Pro)

The min and max of auto zoom scale have been extended (20% - 300%).

Kurviger 1.14.2 (Beta) lässt sich nicht installieren ?

Kurviger 1.14.2 (Beta) has been published (instructions).

(it was under review on Google Play)
Google Play

I just noticed that the “Biker Cafe / Meeting Place” overlay in the “Map layers”
menu is not available anymore. When and where did this go? :fearful:


Map layers in app remain the same as always.

The POI list with the OpenStreetMap tags is here:

I mean the same as the "Biker Cafe / Meeting Place” (“Bikertreff” in German) on the Kurviger website.
For some reason I thought this was already in the app as well. Checking on OpenStreetMap.org,
I don’t see the tag which is connected to that information, unfortunately.

Bikertreff gab/gibt es bisher nicht in der App

Biker Cafe / Meeting Place did not/does not exist in the app

Kurviger 1.14.3 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Map: symbol size option

You can change the size of map symbols.

Available in “Settings | Map | Symbols size”.

- Export: waypoint names and shaping points

Export waypoint names and shaping points with online route formats.

- Export: GPX (offline) shaping points

Export shaping points with GPX (offline) route format.

- Import: shaping points (GPX)

Import shaping points with GPX route format.

- Various improvements

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Hi devs.

Congrats! Via and Shaping point transfers by the gpx type tag available in the Kurviger app.
Before I unsuccesfully promoted this simple method by type in other app new idea forum section.
So now I already successfully tested such transfers by gpx using the latest (Beta) Kurviger app.

Although I was quietly hoping the use of type text Shape instead of Shaping.
To keep compatibility now must change my text suggestions and all my example files in that other app New Idea forum section ? Phew …
Or no, I won’t change it anymore. Some gpx extra fragmentation only a little annoying for optimal information exchange between apps, possibly nobody is concerned about that. :flushed:
The freedom gpx offers naturally contributes to fragmentation by dialects.

Kurviger 1.14.4 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

Kurviger 1.14.5 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

Perhaps I misunderstood, but I expected to see a difference in GPX depending on kind of waypoint (via point / shaping point).
I used a test route https://kurv.gr/znwGM and exported it to all available GPX formats - but I can not see a difference between Waypoint 1 (via) and waypoint 2/3 (shaping)
TstViaShaping (2).gpx (2,1 KB)
TstViaShaping.gpx (1,2 KB)
TstViaShaping (1).gpx (982 Bytes)