Kurviger 1.13.16 (Beta)

Jetzt habe ich die ersten 250Km gefahren und es klapp gut. Ich würde nur gerne die Autozoom Funktion weiter nutzen, das das an Abbiegestellen sich der Autozoom wieder einschaltet, bis zum nächsten mal zoomen.
Ich weiß einmal den kleine Finger und im nächsten Moment die ganze Hand. :joy:

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When auto zoom is enabled, can also use any zoom gesture and navigation later reverts to auto zoom.

Leider springt der zoom augenblicklich zurück und ist so nicht zu gebrauchen, bei der Routenführung.

I have not understood what you describe.
You mean it auto zooms instantly after use an external input device in navigation?

Yes, so ist es.

I will add auto zoom delay for external input devices too in next version.

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I’m using 1.13.3 and long press on the waypoint is not bring up any way to change it, just brings up yellow box with waypoint number, and miles, and time.

On menu routing, waypoints, see way to change each point but when I have 50 to 80 points, I not going to change every single one to shape each time I ride the route. Maybe a option to change change all points to shaping?

The bubble appears when tap them.

When long press them their menu appears, if “Settings | Map | Crosshair placement” is enabled.

Thanks for the idea, I can think if / how that’s possible, without overload the UI.

The “Settings | Map | Crosshair placement” was not enabled for me. Once enabled, that worked fine.

I can add a long press action on waypoint type list button to change all intermediate points together.


Which new button do you mean?

The new button in waypoints list to change waypoint types (seen above).

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Changes in waypoint-list are only permanent, after hitting OK finally.
Hitting CANCEL discards all changes.
So, if you e.g. delete a waypoint accidently - just hit CANCEL an start over again.
I like this detail - haven’t noticed this so far. :smiley:

And bookmarks list works similarly too, permanent changes are applied with OK button.

Kurviger 1.13.4 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

(as discussed in several forum topics the last days)

Now at start of navigation I have the choice between Start and Standard
Standard seems to be set to WP1
- maybe because my previous setting has been next unvisited waypoint?
I can’t change this setting any more. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, IMHO the rerouting options discussed here, should not be removed without changing rerouting options at start of navigation as well.


I have not announced any change in rerouting, the 2 discussions still continue. :slightly_smiling_face:
So it works as always, if have selected next waypoint, at start it reroutes to 1st.

That’s why I mentioned here that I prefer to make both changes simultaneously.

Ups, sorry my fault

Available in Kurviger 1.13.4 (Beta).

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Tested importing waypoint names for gpx and itn files. Works great.
Shaping Point feature is also great. Works but not tested with togehter with rerouting.
Wunderlinq integration will be tested, when i got it. Currently arrived in germany.

Many thanks from my side and keep up the good work.
From my point of view this is the best routing app on android for bikers.

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