Kurviger 1.13.16 (Beta)

To find beautiful routes you don’t need a navigation systems (instead you just use your own “nose”). But if you want do follow a previously planned route such features are very useful. Escpecially if you ride in a group and have a certain “program” for the tour (including stopovers, vista points, food&drink halts etc.).

Doesn’t mean you have to use those features after all.

Yes, I’d also prefer if those infos won’t flicker and flash. Just clear and simple display in the navigation panels like all other data. :wink:


When you export the route into a GPX file, waypoint names are not (yet) exported into the GPX - right?


All exports in app - except kurviger format - are performed via the server, so the server must support waypoint names too:


Yes, Kurviger’s server and website should definitely also support waypoint names to make consistent and complete. Escpecially because route plannig is most likely done on PC / from the website that in the Kurviger app (there routes will mostly only be modified while being on tour and after facing situations you have to react to).

Next (beta) version will allow route exports in GPX (offline) format, even without internet inside the app:

Ich habe in der App bei einer Kurviger tour den Wegpunkt 2 gehalten und bearbeite
umbenannt in Tanken.Speichern und nochmal neu geladen.In der Simulation geht am Wegpunkt 2 nicht die Blase auf.Erst wenn ich drauftippe.Das ist blöd,oder bin ich es?Version 1.13.1
Gruss Rolf

I’m not sure what you mean, the info bubbles open like always, when tap them to avoid hiding the map.

Die Blase sollte sich bei erreiche öffnen “TANKEN”.Ich kann nicht wärend der Fahrt darau tippen.

Navigation panels inform and voice guidance speaks when reach waypoints.
And all these will be better tuned when waypoint types arrive in next version.

Kurviger 1.13.2 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Routing: waypoint types

You can set waypoint types (regular or shaping) inside the app via:

  • Menu (long press on waypoints)
  • List (menu Routing | Waypoints)

Shaping points are any position along a route that will not alert you when you arrive.

- Export: GPX (offline) format (with waypoint names)

For convenience you can export routes in GPX format also offline (with waypoint names).

- App: external input devices (WunderLINQ, etc.) (Pro)

Support external input devices, like keyboard, WunderLINQ, etc.

Available in “Settings | Application | External input device”.


(Only because the minimum character number for posts is 10 I just ad another WOW!) :smiley:

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ist die 1.13.2 schon im Playstore? Habe aktuell die 1.13.1 drauf und die wird nicht aktualisiert. Oder mache ich was falsch. Beta für kurviger ist “aktiviert”.

Gruß und noch schöne Ostern.

I uploaded 1.13.2 (Beta) with the announcement.
We should wait Google Play to publish it globally.

EDIT: it should be published now.


Bei mir dasselbe - das dauert manchmal ein bisschen.
Probier es regelmäßig weiter - wer die 1.13.2 zuerst hat, hat gewonen! :smiley:

The same for me - sometimes it takes a little time.
Keep trying it frequently - whoever gets the 1.13.2 first, is the winner! :smiley:


Kurviger 1.13.3 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

In waypoint types and avoid roadblock features.

So, update auf die 1.13.3 soeben erfolgt. Die 1.13.2 wurde irgendwie übersprungen. Aber egal, werde jetzt erstmal die 1.13.3 testen.

:smiley: WunderLINQ klappt wunderbar. :smiley:

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@Thorsten_Meier thanks for testing that and the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oha - da hab ich wohl verloren! :frowning: :wink:

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