Kurviger 1.13.16 (Beta)

Thanks for the details.

Unfortunately there is nothing reported all these days, so we cannot check what happened.

Could be something with the partial rerouting, that’s why cannot be THE solution for everything.

Kurviger internet availability is best solved in another way and not with mixing routing providers.

just came back from a 5 day tour with kurviger 1.13.9 running on an Huawei Mate 9 (Android 9). Routes were fine and most things worked extremely smooth.

One thing though: I made use of the new “Pause” function quite a lot. But unfortunately there seems - at least for me - an issue: What happened is that after the Pause, the fact that I have already passed some of the waypoint was “forgotten” I had manually delete passed waypoint to be “on track” again. This was all with switched off automatic re-routing.

It could be an artifact of the Huawei device. On the bike I have connected the phone to power (which makes is run quite reliable), But the power is switch with ignition. Meaning that when stopping, the Phone runs on battery. Due to the aggressive killing of apps that Huawei does (even though I switched off all of these “features” that I can) it could happen that kurviger would be restarted. Could that be the cause that the fact that I have already passed some wayspoint is forgotten? How is the state of the waypoints (passed/not-passed) persisted? Or is there a general bug which might have cause the issue?


It would help if there was a route sample and details where that happened.

Was “Strict navigation” selected in “Settings | Navigation | Rerouting mode”?

Battery optimization usually closes the apps, it does not restart them again.

“Was “Strict navigation” selected in “Settings | Navigation | Rerouting mode”?”


Battery optimization usually closes the apps, it does not restart them again.”

I might have switched to other apps in between (e.g. by taking a photo). So I am not really sure if I have restarted the app …

With strict navigation cannot skip automatically waypoints (either paused or not).
Need to pass all of them in order.

It would help if there was a route sample and details where that happened.

" With strict navigation cannot skip automatically waypoints (either paused or not). Need to pass all of them in order."

Well, I have passed the waypoints already. Things were good up to the Pause. Only after the pause, the waypoints were coming back as not passed. I have some suspicion that the fact that I have passed the waypoint is not persisted and thus a potential restart gets me into the situation (which ofc ourse was solvable by manually deleting the passed waypoints).

" It would help if there was a route sample and details where that happened."

I do understand that, but that is not a simple thing. I do have the routes, but not the details on tha pause (e.g. when power was disconnected, did I take photos, was I suing the phone for other purpuse during the pause …)

Need to clarify what exactly did with the app, now it’s not very clear what happened.

When app restarts, navigation obviously starts again.
That’s the purpose of pause / continue function.

Did you see the pause symbol before continuing your route?

“Transparancy” is the “Alpha (A)” channel (maybe that helps … :wink: ).

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Yes, I have simply pressed “unpause” … not a complete new start of the route. But still the last one to three (depending) waypoints which I had already passed before the pause were in the route again and I had to manually skip them.

Where was the last waypoint, on the stop?
Then you might not have actually passed it.

(anyway we just discuss possibilities, since it’s impossible to know what happened)

Hi Uli
Got it, thanks!

Br Sabu

O.k. let’s become a bit more concrete: https://kurv.gr/7Sk7U was one of the routes.
We did a Pause in Hellenthal. In the Village, I have left the route for about 500m (to find some coffee). Pressed “Pause” (while not being on the route any more). After “unpause” (and coffee and some other usage of the phone, sent some messages) ) I would have been routed again to the already passed Waypoint #6 (way behind). I have manually deleted it and everything got fine again.

Kurviger 1.13.10 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Map: add POI for parking in layers menu (Pro)

More points of interest in map layers menu for parking areas.

- Various improvements

Now you can start navigation “anywhere” also with “Strict navigation” option.
After strict navigation starts, all expected strict navigation rules are applied.

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Tested with a little 50km shopping tour. Started somewhere outside of the route, was asked to drive to start or next waypoint… have used next waypoint, worked very well… have forced driving outside of the route where normally the next waypoint was skipped when using route option next waypoint… app perfectly guided back stolidly to the last unvisited waypoint of the strict navigation route unless manually skipping it, then guides to the next unvisited waypoint. What I have also recognized is that the app now earler and more intuitively calculates the alternative route as I had also asked for since a while. Till now perfect.

Kurviger 1.13.11 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

In waypoint types, etc.


thanks for the update.
Just a small remark to the waypoints menu: If I press the “Change Shaping / Via” icon without selecting a waypoint, all waypoints (besides start and destination) will be changed.
It would be helpful, if the confirmation popup would give a hint for the direction, e.g. “Change all to ViaPoints” / “Change all to Shapingpoints”.
Currently I get the same popup, please see screenshots below.
It is not so important (low priority), but might bee a low hanging fruit.
Question: What is the rule for the direction? Assumption: If all = Shaping -> direction Via, otherwise direction Shaping. Right?
Thanks and regards

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It’s a non destructive switch, must press OK in waypoints dialog to make it permanent.

It’s a switch to convert all waypoints to shaping points or via points.


yes, I understood.

My proposal was just to give a hint for the direction (-> Shaping or -> Via ) in the alert box where the change hast to be confirmed.

I was trying to find out the rule for the direction - and I could not see the direction before pressing “OK”.



Indeed the functionality itself is fail safe. No need to change that.
But the proposal from @rumbrummer would improve users perception.

The info box could look something like this:


19 waypoints into shaping points
_____________CANCEL _____________ OK

or vice versa


19 waypoints into via points
_____________CANCEL _____________ OK

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