Kurviger 1.13.16 (Beta)

complete other opinion here: it is good when it is permanent. You just have to press on the compass to select the other mode again (just 2 little button presses).

the temporay mode is already available by just zooming with 2 fingers, then after some seconds it switches already back.

Kurviger 1.13.9 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Stability improvements


I have changed transparency, so I can see that part of the route that is sometimes hidden under the navigation panel. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Super Idee, hab ich gleich umgesetzt.

Great idea, I put it right away.

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Great work gents! A lot of useful improvements!
As a beta tester I recognized the following issues:

  • Routing waypoint type: no menu pops up when long press on waypoint. I can only move the waypoint.
  • Navigation change Display Color: can’t find this setting.
  • Settings Navigation Auto-Zoom: typo in German translation “Enfternung”

Br Sabu

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Waypoints menu is available when free their long press with “Settings | Map | Crosshair placement”.

It’s available in “Settings | Navigation | Display color” at the bottom.

Hi devemux86
Thanks for your quick reply!

Got it! I never used this functionality and this way to place my waypoints. But this way is also convenient for me :slight_smile: Nevertheless, to avoid further user confusion, I would suggest to force all users to this new way and remove this setting.

Hm, I only can change the color but not the transparency…

Br Sabu

The color dialog allows to change all ARGB color channels.
There are the 4 common sliders for: Alpha, Red, Green, Blue.

Can produce nice display results, like demonstrated by community here.

Crosshair placement is default for all new users.

There is a discussion for the need of drag waypoints, please see here:

Had some app crashes when automatic recalculation was active. Unfortunately I can’t say when exactly this happens. I hear the voice telling calculating… then the app quits without any message. Since I was on a 5 day motorcycle trip with other guys, I deactivated the automatic recalculation and then it worked.

the new features with pause/continue work very well.

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Please provide date + device model to see if there is a report from that.

What routing service was selected in settings?
Was there internet available? Was screen off?

To see if there was an actual crash report or device “closed” the app for other reasons.

Date was 9.6.2020, device was a Samsung S9+ SM-G965F

Routing-Service was Kurviger-BRouter, unfortunately not sure anymore if internet connection was available. Screen was on.
Pretty sure route calculation mode was “next waypoint” as I planned to use this on the normal journey to the hotel and then changed it to strict mode for the rally day trips. The rallies were done with automatic route calculation off which worked ok… no crash any more then.

Thanks for the details.

Unfortunately there is nothing reported all these days, so we cannot check what happened.

Could be something with the partial rerouting, that’s why cannot be THE solution for everything.

Kurviger internet availability is best solved in another way and not with mixing routing providers.

just came back from a 5 day tour with kurviger 1.13.9 running on an Huawei Mate 9 (Android 9). Routes were fine and most things worked extremely smooth.

One thing though: I made use of the new “Pause” function quite a lot. But unfortunately there seems - at least for me - an issue: What happened is that after the Pause, the fact that I have already passed some of the waypoint was “forgotten” I had manually delete passed waypoint to be “on track” again. This was all with switched off automatic re-routing.

It could be an artifact of the Huawei device. On the bike I have connected the phone to power (which makes is run quite reliable), But the power is switch with ignition. Meaning that when stopping, the Phone runs on battery. Due to the aggressive killing of apps that Huawei does (even though I switched off all of these “features” that I can) it could happen that kurviger would be restarted. Could that be the cause that the fact that I have already passed some wayspoint is forgotten? How is the state of the waypoints (passed/not-passed) persisted? Or is there a general bug which might have cause the issue?


It would help if there was a route sample and details where that happened.

Was “Strict navigation” selected in “Settings | Navigation | Rerouting mode”?

Battery optimization usually closes the apps, it does not restart them again.

“Was “Strict navigation” selected in “Settings | Navigation | Rerouting mode”?”


Battery optimization usually closes the apps, it does not restart them again.”

I might have switched to other apps in between (e.g. by taking a photo). So I am not really sure if I have restarted the app …

With strict navigation cannot skip automatically waypoints (either paused or not).
Need to pass all of them in order.

It would help if there was a route sample and details where that happened.