Kurviger 1.11.8 (Beta)

danke für die Information :grinning:

Kurviger 1.11.6 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: simulate navigation function (Pro)

Simulation speeds renamed to [1x, 2x, 3x, …] as better understandable values.

- Offline map improvements

Revised offline maps rendering with faster performance and better appearance.
(even with heavy countries on large resolutions with vegetation layer enabled)

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Especially with zoom 8 - 9 the performance increase is dramatic.
On my Samsung S7 I am getting 1920s movie like performace or better at all zoom levels.
resolution 1920x1080
vegetation on.


Today morning, my battery was drained :astonished:
I had Kurviger with netherlands map open on screen.
Then I switched the screen off, without closing the app.
There was no follow or navigation running, just the map had been open.

This may have been just coincidentally, but I am not aware of anything special running in the background.


Have you looked the device’s battery statistics?
There exists in detail every app’s battery usage.

Kurviger sleeps like all apps when screen is off or pushed in background.
Unless navigation or GPS logging are enabled (when GPS remains active).

Kurviger 1.11.7 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Offline map improvements

Another set of offline maps rendering improvements for even faster performance.

Bad weather conditions here for testing… do I need to download new maps then or is it a setting or just automatically implemented?

another question:
I asked in the past for variable placement of the navigation bars… had just another idea: I need big font size since the presbyopia is hitting hard already :-)… but then the navigation bars on the top get too big and overlie the driven route. Is it possible to get a transparency slider for ALL navigation bars from 0 to 100% in order to see more from the background for individual adjustment?

The changes are inside the app map engine.
No new maps are needed, can work with old.

Mean to have navigation panels transparent?
That could make navigation texts less readable since would mix with map?

yes, but with a slider I am sure everyone can find the ideal setting depending on the map color… I even use additionall the android function for negative colors… the result is pretty much fun and better visibility. For me it would help a lot if the navigation bars cannot be moved to another posititon.

Repeating my “netherlands test” I would say, there is (only) one problematic area left, that should be improved:

Map center near Tilburg Netherlands:

  • 12.9 - 12.1 => ~1-3 fps

That depends greatly on map area and device specs and cannot exist a global solution.
For zoom ≥12 map is rendered without simplifications and plan is to maintain it like that.

I am surprised about the performance jump in Tilburg area on my device :thinking::

  • Zoom 12.9 => ~1-3 fps which also slows down the menu
  • Zoom 13.1 => perfect smooth

Kurviger Pro 1.11.7
Android 8.0.0 (API 26)
samsung SM-G930F
1080 x 1920 (480 dpi)

Every change in map reader affects all maps and that is not fair for most normal maps.

As next step I prefer first to improve offline map creation process, heavy maps at least.

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Hi. Maybe you would like to consider “disappearing” green areas at a lower level, i.e. 14 or even 15? (currently is 13). Sometimes locating bushes along the route is crucial!.. We all know what I mean… :wink:

:bulb: Ah, that explains the performance jump I am observing at the 13 threshold.
I just did a side by side comparison with google maps in my area.
They let the green areas disappear at ~14 on my device.


Habe gerade festgestellt, dass die Karten Europas Anfang Dezember ein Update bekommen haben. Heist das, ich muss alle meine Karten neu integrieren, oder gibt es ein Update-Funktion.
Danke für die Antworten.