Kurviger 1.10.4 (Beta)

Hi, the Voice guidance after instruction points feature definitely needs some more fine tuning.
It does not work nicely when turn instructions are following in a rapid sequence.
E.g. here near WP1 I got “turn right” “turn left” messages in rapid sequence.
Feels like it was playing the text of the already passed instruction mixed with the new instruction.

In other situations I got messages like “in 40m turn left”, followed by “turn left”
IMO the “in 40m” instruction shouldn’t be played.
I could provide more examples if that would help.

My settings were:

  • after instruction point
  • 2km
  • 1km
  • 300m

Kalman-Filter was on.

One tuning measurement could be to wait a bit longer before playing the next instruction, to be sure that the intersection has been passed safely.


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Could need fine tuning, as it has become quite complicated.
Thanks for the example!

Kurviger 1.10.1 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: avoid roadblock action (Pro)

Some improvements and remove 100m to avoid corner cases.

- Navigation: route indicator improvements (Pro)

Use rerouting options for convenience and consistent settings.

- Navigation: (optionally) voice guidance after instruction points (Pro)

Algorithm fine tuning, please test and report with route examples.

- Navigation: off route notification option (Pro)

Speak “Route missed” message once when interval is set at 60".

- GPS logging (Pro)

Record track during navigation or follow modes automatically.


This is better, but there is still no possibility to get the “route missed” info only once, without getting a signal every 60s.

My idea above was something like this:
Off … 1s - 60s … “route missed” info only once

Anyway, no big deal.


Funktioniert wunderbar, Danke.

Works fine, thanks.

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Kurviger 1.10.2 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: voice language options (Pro)

Select navigation voice language separately from app language.

- Navigation: Czech, Italian, Polish, Swedish voice navigation (Pro)

New voice languages available for navigation and more to come.

- Various improvements

Separate options for off route warning + off route tone frequency.

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Today I did a short testride on this route
Looks promising. :+1:


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I like it.

One observation with off route behavior:

When you return back to the route V1.10.2 doesn’t trigger any voice instructions at this point.
It might even skip the next turn instruction if it is too close.
I think this is OK.
Pre V1.10 versions immediately triggered the next turn instruction, even slightly before you were back on route, which was often misleading because it was too early.

:+1: Intuitive user interface here.


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There isn’t anything specific changed in that area. When resume route the voice messages start playing again based on their frequency options.

:thinking: Maybe, in my test scenario I returned to a route point where I’ve already been.
I just did a few “leave the route and return back” for testing purpose.

Kurviger 1.10.4 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Routing: (optionally) arrows show the route direction

An option in routing settings shows the route(s) direction with arrows, useful for route planning or navigation.

- Stability improvements


The website just received a route direction indication as well :partying_face:.


LIKE! :+1:t2:

You’re BOTH awesome :grinning:


Thanks for your great work. I learn every time I use Kurviger more about the app. Do I have to activate the arrows somewhere? It doesn’t show up and I can’t find something. 1.10.4 (Beta) is installed.

Many thanks, Nico

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Can be enabled in “Settings | Routing | Route direction”.

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Got it. Thanks for your quick reply. I will try it at my next trip.

Regards, Nico

Just realized that the arrow’s color even depends on the route color (brightness). :art:

Great work :smile:! (at first I thought this is because I’m using the dark app theme)

Route arrows + outline color depend on selected route color’s luminance.
White on dark colors, black on light colors, seen also in color preference.