Kurviger 1.1.18

Kurviger 1.1.18 is on Google Play!

- Navigation: auto zoom offers dynamic map scale while driving (Pro)

Navigation has another popular feature: a new dynamic map auto zoom while driving.
Enabled with “Automatic” option in Auto zoom settings and works currently in real time with next turn instruction.

We wait your feedback in order to discuss and further improve your navigation experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

- Import: allow opening kurv.gr short links inside the app

You can now open the kurv.gr short links directly inside the app without any browser intervention.

Use the Routing > Import menu which has now all available options together (Route file, Short link, Tour code).

- Map: turn on/off house numbers with Kurviger offline maps for improved performance (Pro)

You can turn on/off the house numbers in menu Map > Map layers with the Kurviger offline maps, which should help app performance and map appearance if needed.

- Map: follow location mode uses GPS map orientation by default

The follow location mode (long press location button) now uses the GPS map orientation by default for a more user intuitive experience.

- UI: show compass bearing, that is direction of motion

Below the compass can enable in Map settings the appearance of your motion direction (aka compass bearing), expressed in known cardinal / intermediate directions.

- Navigation: stability improvements (Pro)

Once more several enhancements exist in our navigation algorithms.
Also in navigation in background for keeping the device alive when screen is off.

Note: for optimal results you’ll still need to manage any device battery optimization options and set Kurviger in “protected” apps (see FAQ), especially for devices which modify heavily the Android and stop any background app.

Have a nice Kurviger experience!


Danke Jungs! Gute Arbeit.
Alle neuen Funktionen machen Sinn!
Eure App entwickelt sich zu einem “must have” :slight_smile:

vg Wolfgang


As always: Emux & Robin - you both make a great job!! :+1:t3:
I enjoy really to “be part of the story”! :smiley:


Thanks @Uli_LH also for all the help here! :smiley:

You are welcome!
And that’s the idea of a community, which we try to realize with this new forum!! :+1:t3:

Note: the “Orientation support” option was removed in 1.1.18 and the feature is now active in navigation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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