Known - but not yet possible --> New route without Internet access

I have already read in here - that the searching for a new route without active internet access ( but via the normal GPS connection functionality ) shall be implemented somewhen ( in the future ). As this is a basic requirement for me for a navigation app - as it needs to be able to replace a hardware navigation box - when can we expect this important feature? With my Garmin navigation for example I do not need active internet access to search for a changed route …

Seems to be related the offline routing thread



Thanks for the feedback!

As @linux-user mentioned, there is a feature request and will come in a future version. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to get to know that it is already known and has been published, but that was more than two years ago to be honest. It would be great if we´d get to know if there is any kind of time plan to implement this, if the project has alreay started or whatever else would be interesting. To be honest - this is an extreme important minimum requirement for me - way more important than most of the other add-on gimmicks the team is constantly developing and implementing ( which are also nice, no question ).

So maybe someone of the Kurviger-Development team can for example let us know where we are, who knows …

There isn’t any features ETA, something gets ready and is announced.

Those can be better described as new features asked by community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually simple ones can be implemented and offered faster than others.


Gimmicks gefällt mir besser :slight_smile: