Kaliningrad, Russia - routing problem

If I try to plan a route from Gdansk/Poland to Klaipeda/Lithuania via Kaliningrad/Russia with “Kurviger” to export to Scenic, the route will go nearly completely around the russian enclave instead of going through the fastest way.

Any solution?

What parameters did you use? If you choose the fastest routing, the route looks pretty straightforward to me, see the screenshot below.

You can load the route here: https://kurv.gr/q2c6m

The route looks quite similar to Google Maps IMHO. I spotted a minor data issue around Neringa, which should solve an issue in that area as well.

BTW this could be also related to this topic: Show the route on the map

Thank you, thats what I received by myself but I’d like to ride the R515 /167 from Zelenogradsk to Klaipeda. And that’s unfortunately impossible at Kurviger.

Yes, as mentioned above, there is an issue around Neringa/Nida, I fixed it. The route you mentioned should work in 1-2 weeks.

Cool, I’ll check then. Thanks a lot.

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