K3 Offline map local destination, Route different color for sections


1. Offline map location on phone
For the new K3 App Offline map development, would it be possible to use the same map location as Oruxmaps uses?
Because Oruxmaps und Kurviger using the same maps, and Orux stores the map in Android 11+ in Android folder /android/data/com.oruxmapsDonate/files/oruxmaps/mapfiles an its not possible to change it from android folder, just possible to add another subfolder.
With the K2 app I can not access the /android/data folder while selecting the map. I would be nice this would be possible to safe storage space on the phone.

2. Route color for different calulation modes
In the K2 app it was possible to highlight the route in different color, for the different route calculation modes (fastest, curvy …).

Thanks Markus

This is not a limitation of K2.
The limitation is enforced by newer Android Versions.

Yes that’s right, but there apps which are able to access this folder.
So somehow it is possible.

I am not 100% sure what Orux is using for maps, but K3 is not using file based offline maps anymore. Currently, you can download maps for a route. In the future it should be possible to also download maps for arbitrary areas.

This works with K3 during the route planning mode already. You can set this in the settings under route details. This is not yet available for the navigation.

Hi Robin,

at the moment I’m using the same maps for K2 and Oruxmaps but at different locations on the phone.

In the past I’ve downloaded the Oruxmaps here https://www.openandromaps.org/ and K2 here Kurviger Downloads, but both can be used in both APPs. I did’nt find any difference.

Okay arbitrary areas means also complete Europe or just small areas?

Okay nice, I’ve tested it.
I would prefere also changeable colors and an option to have it active during navigation. But this is just nice to have.

regards Markus

With arbitrary areas I mean that you can select an area on the map, without having to limit yourself to country borders or anything like that.

We are planning on including more information during the navigation as well :slight_smile:.

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