K3: navigation stop when screen is locked


When my (android) phone screen is off/locked then the navigation stop : no more vocal indications, and when I unlock it i see the app making the missed navigation super quickly until it reached the current position.
Is it a know problem ? or an issue specifically on my phone ? (on the old app the was working correctly when i had the screen locked).

note: it is not a gps problem, i have Riser registering my positions correctly at the same time.


When I had this problem in this thread, a forum member told me to look into my phone settings and to set LOCATION to ALWAYS ALLOWED for Kurviger. This allowed me to turn off the screen during navigation and still receive voice prompts.



Thank you for your reply, that works with LOCATION set to ALWAYS ALLOWED for Kurviger.

Btw, it would be nice to have that “feature” fixed some day, as it should not need to have set like this !

This is an issue with Android. Android doesn’t want every app to be able to access the location of a user all the time, because to be honest, there are not many apps that really need this. Navigation apps are one of the few apps that need this. In earlier Android versions there have been a lot of apps that abused this permission to track users.

When you start the navigation for the first time, we ask you for the permission, but you need to select it manually. Many people don’t do this because they don’t want an app to always have location permissions.

I don’t think there is a lot we can do here, I will add this to our todo list though, maybe there are some things we can do in the future.


What you say seems strange : all navigation and navigation-like apps that I have (Maps, Waze, Sygic, Riser, and the old Kurviger…) work screen off with their LOCATION settings at “Allowed only while in use”.
The Kurviger beta is the only app I get which needs “Allowed all the time”


Maybe it’s phone related. I see the same behavior with Waze on my phone. I also have to set location to ALWAYS ALLOWED for Waze if I want to turn the screen off.


To be honest, this seems very strange. If this is really the case, then this would indicate that something weird or non standard happens on your phone.

if you are interested, here are the guidelines from Google Play for background location: Understanding location in the background permissions - Play Console Help

I understand your point… but then a 4th setting (*) should exist : for all those apps I want them to work with screen off once i have started them manually until I quit them (for example sweeping them off in recent apps), and I don’t want them to be able to using location when I don’t have started them manually. In my mind once I have started an app manually is not really in background state for location access if an other app is in front or if the screen off (but I agree that what is written in the guidelines seems to mean that), because in such case the setting “Allowed only while in use” is pretty useless and we’re back to the time where it could be only on and off.

I’m not 100% sure how it reacts with screen off for Waze and Sygic (and I just noticed that I have Maps set to Always on), I’ll make a real test.
Btw I’m 100% sure for the old Kurviger app, Riser, Glympse, and Radarbot as I use them oftem that way.

I use an (old) oneplus 5 (so android 10), maybe that on android 12 or 13 all phones react differently (like current guidelines seems to want)…

(*) and maybe another settings to allow aproximative location (ie gsm, wifi etc.) but not gps, because for many apps really trying to use gps is stupid.

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This exists on newer Android versions, I am not sure about Android 10, but this exists in Android 12, maybe even before that.

Android changed a lot with how they handle location and location permission.

You mean as an app setting ? because as a general settings it exists for long time for sure.

I tested today to be sure on my android 10 phone : with “Allowed only while in use” for Location in app settings, the vocal navigation works with screen off for Maps, Waze and sygic. And as I said before, it worked also for the old Kurviger app.

Well, the most important is that it can work using “Always on”, btw…

I mean precise location vs. approximate location. I just checked, it’s Android 12.