K3 beta: Recognise .gpx directly by app

Improvement to recognise .gpx directly by the kurviger3 app on Android.

With the previous version kurviger, when a .gpx file was downloaded, clicking on the file indicated different apps to be opened, including Kurviger.

Why now it is not an extension associated with the new Kurviger3?

Opening GPX files with the new Kurviger App should work. Can you provide more information about your device and the file you downloaded?

What happens when you try to open the file? Have you tried opening the GPX file with different file explorers, are there any differences?

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I just tested it right now, on a samsung galaxy s22 ultra and the “File Explorer+” application and it does appear to open with Kurviger (old version) and kurviger3.

A few days ago, it was not recognised when trying to open it from whatsapp message.

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