K3 Beta: Back Button Behaviour and History handling

I am not happy with the implementation of the back button as it is now.
I do not like that mixture of UI-elements and route-elements into one back button.

I would prefer if the Android back button would be only for the UI and the route-elements would have a separate history of some sort. The main flaw with using the Android button for route elements, is the lack of a forward button.

During my tests with K3 I have so often accidentally deleted a waypoint using the back button, that I now avoid that back-button completely in K3. :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the feedback. I am happy to discuss alternatives. I am not sure if we can add a forward button or something like that?

Although I know that on website the back button undoes my last change, I also trap into that effect in new app: Most other Android apps (I think all I know) use the back button to exit a submenu or even to exit the app.
So I automatically tap on it if I want to exit a submenu, panel or something else.
I think there might be a lot of topics where it is useful to have an equal look and feel / behaviour between app and website - but on the other hand there are some otber criteria for use of touch devices, where it is not useful to behave in the same way as website.
I do not understand several differences between mobile phone mode and tablet mode: Yes, panel on the left instead of top is useful, when in landscape mode (also on mobile phone), but I think there should be no other differences in controlling / doing actions.

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Both things actually work as well with the Kurviger app. Right now the back button reverts your last change (it’s not 100% there yet - we are still ironing out some edge cases). When you are in the initial state, the back button can close the app (I guess most people won’t reach this state :slight_smile:).

What I don’t like about the current behaviour is, that it reverts UI or route changes. This can be a bit irritating.

We can set the back button to just exit the app, but to be honest, I don’t find this especially helpful.
We can also set the back button to just close UI elements and reset to the route planning view.

In both cases it’s not possible to revert route changes, which I think is an important feature.

That is the behavior i am used to, from other apps.
And if you are in the “basic position” then the app could be closed (as most apps do).

For reverting route changes, IMHO there should be an extra (menu-)button.
Preferably a back as well as a forward button.
This is a well known feature of many programs e.g. in the Windows universe.