Issue with Save Route in Combination with Route Split

I’m trying to use the save route & data option and maybe I’m just doing something wrong but I can’t seem to get it to work. Initially I imported a route. I then used the split function to split the route into two routes. Next I clicked the Your Routes and changed the name of the split route to be Loop Route - Stop 1 and clicked save route & data. I then went back to my other tab and that route is now called Loop Route - Stop 1. If I change it to Loop Route and click save route & data the split route is also changed. I can’t find a “save as” option.
I’m using Chrome as my browser.

Thanks for the report. That’s an interesting edge case.

So what happens is that the initial route and both split 1 and split 2 refer to the same route reference. If you go the “Your routes” tab, you will see that it’s all the same content, name, etc.

What you would have to do right now is to click the back button in the “Your routes panel” and then create a new route from there.

But I think, the website does not behave correctly at this point. I think if you split a route, the reference to the original route should be broken by default to not overwrite the original route by accident?

I would agree.
This is how plan a multi-day trip or even a long single day trip with multiple stops. I’ll create the whole route and then split it into the stops. This allows me to do the following.

  1. Know the remaining distance to a stop since it is the end of the route.
  2. Allow me to break a route up into roughly equal time or distance routes. For example I might want to make sure I stop every 200 miles (300 km) or I might want to stop after riding for 2 hours.
  3. Because I can’t assign waypoint names, I can break routes at interesting stops and when I get to the end of the route I’m at the place I wanted to be. Load my next route and repeat.
    Currently I’m splitting the route and exporting them as .gpx files. I can then import them if I need to edit them. This work and I’m not sure if the save option actual provides any additional benefit over this approach but I wanted to try it out and discovered this behavior. My guess is that the save option will eventually allow me to have a database of routes and points of interest, kind of like what BaseCamp does. I can see value in that.
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Yes exactly that is the idea :slight_smile:

I will put this on my todo list and see what I can do about the split. In the meanwhile, you need to do the “manual back”, then everything should work smoothly.

Apparently there is a way to Split a route?
Is it in the web application?
Where can I find it?

Click on the waypoint where you want to split the route. The will be a dialog and at the bottom it will say “Split route” and list Route 1 and Route 2. If you click Route 1 then you get the first half, leading to that waypoint. If you click Route 2 you get the second half, starting from that waypoint.


Hoped to find a more automated way.
I am now in the process of creating a long tour through the Alps but would like to split the route in segments of 350km.
This way it can be done manually but a function to simply state split to segment and give a variable for the Segments length would be grate.

I am now using Javawa RTW tool for it but that way I always have to switch to another tool.
Besides that, it is no longer supported/developed. A On-Line solution for this would be fantastic.