Issue with numbering of waypoints when inserting

Recently I discovered a problem when inserting a waypoint between two other waypoints while planning a tour in the app. The app always inserts the waypoint as waypoint 2 instead of X+1 and renaming all higher wps also as WP + 1. Example here: instead of inserting wp 16 after wp 15 it inserts it as wp 2

I assume you are using this street twice - forward and backward. And the waypoint is inserted in the forward-part - how should the insert know which part you think about?

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(the image is not very clear to see what you mean, a route example would be better)

If it is a forward + backward route…

Zoom in and place the waypoint with the crosshair on the correct forward or backward road.
Or change later its order in waypoints list window.

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I also usually use the app for planning (on a tablet), but I never saw such a behaviour…
Please can you provide a shortlink to your route and describe in detail how you proceeded?
There might be an other reason (e.g. exporting an ITN and importing it again, like in Kehrtwendungen / OSM - #2 by rumbrummer), but it is impossible to see in a screenshot.

it was a roundtrip, start and destination at the same point, but maybe moved by a few meters. I didn’t use a road twice, but I can’t reproduce the problem when I change the start and destination. So I guess it has something do with the start and destination settings… I guess it can be ignored, a seldom error which is not relevant for most route plannings.