Issue with gpx fille tranfer to Scenic

Hi guys, one question does anyone have a problem to transfer an gpx file to Scenic. If I try to export the file directly I get a error mesage “Invalid GPX File format”. No difference if I use the tour manager or if I creat an own file. Thank’s in advance

how did you create the GPX file ?

  • Web or App
  • which Method
  • which Options

Can you post the GPX here?

Regards Markus

Hi Markus, I use the Web app from Kurviger, I think it’s not related to the gpx file it looks more that there is a problem in the export data transfer from Kurviger. I get the error message from this side “” and the message called “Invalid GPX File format”

I can’t upload the related gpx file

I have the exact same problem. Worked fine 48hrs ago ( my first attempt) but now I just get the " invalid gpx file" message. sending from laptop to IOS scenic.

Hi it seems that there is a server problem by Scenic but it’s possible to load the file manually by E-Mail

can you explain how to do that, in very simple terms because i’m an idiot…

You can send your self an E-Mail with the gpx file and if you try to open the file there is in Apple IOS the option open with, than choose Scenic. If you run with Android I think there will be the same option.

The problem seems to be solved, I was just able to export my route to Scenic.

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